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A knife case for the next generation, Nomadife!

The more you go great lengths to do something, the more you take your equipment seriously.

For instance, golf, cars or even your life.

How about cooking? When we cook, knives would be our first partner. Those who are into cooking know how important the knives are and would always like to use their favorite knives.

However, would it be easy to carry knives with you? They have the sharp edge and you might feel that it's not safe enough or you need to be extra careful to do that. Even if you want to slice ham or roasted beef when doing barbecue outside, this factor might disturb you sometimes.

Here, we've got Nomadife, a brand new knife case to save your headache.

Seat the knife tightly to carry anywhere you go

Seat the knife tightly to carry anywhere you go

Nomadife knife case has the concept; "Carry your favorite knives easily and safely". This product was developed by Babachokanamono Co.,Ltd based in Sanjo city, Niigata that has been turning over ironmongery goods such as Japanese knives since founded in 1980. 

"I want to carry my knife with me"

"I'd like to use my own knife outside when I go fishing or have barbecue"

Nomadife knife case was created to fulfill these wish. With its quality and concept from Japan, this item will be the must-have tool for many active cooking lovers all around the world.

Choose the best for your partner

Choose the best for your partner

The lineup of Nomadife is 4 in total, 2 colours and 2 sizes each. You can slide the top part and put your knife just like you grab it in your hand. The base of the case has magnet to seat the knife and prevent it from moving in the case during your travel.

Colour variations are "Plain body x Silver cover" to enjoy the natural beauty of Paulownia and "Charcoal body x Black cover" to gain more strength and water resistance with black urethane coating.

Sizes are S size (53×315×24mm) and M size (69×375×28mm) so you can choose the best one for your knife.

Light and Slim body

Light and Slim body

Nomadife knife case is made of Paulownia so they are light and slim enough to bring out to the outdoor activities, catering or anywhere you go. You will get to store your knife easily to carry it safely and hygienically.

If you can carry your knife in the corner of your bag, you would be able to show off your cooking skill whenever and wherever. I'd say this is truly the ideal item for cooking lovers.

Also, the body material, Paulownia is expected to guard the knife from damp and rust. 

Enjoy cooking anytime and anywhere

Enjoy cooking anytime and anywhere

With the recent cooking boom around the world, it's now common not only for professional chefs but also for ordinary cooking lovers to use sophisticated and high-quality gear.

However, even if you have a great knife, when the opportunity to use it is limited, that's a waste. 

Nomadife knife case will be the new standard for everyone who loves to cook. It gives us "freedom to choose the place where you cook".