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A Multiuse Bread Slicer is a Must for Non-Hectic Breakfast!

Bread is a staple food and representative breakfast loved worldwide. For most people, morning is busiest time in a day. Everyone would like to save time to prepare breakfast and take more time to enjoy the meal. However, in reality, most of us would find it rather difficult because there are lots of stuffs in breakfast preparation like slicing and toasting bread, cutting tomatoes or cheese and preparing drinks in the meantime.

Here might be a good resolution for such frustration! We prepared breakfast only with one bread slicer so that we can reduce hassles to wash dishes.

Advantage of Bread Slicer

Advantage of Bread Slicer

A bread slicer is a multiuse item and most cooking processes can be done with it. So we can reduce dishes to wash compared to when you use several tools such as a bread slicer, cheese grater, and knife.

Cut Bread with a Bread Slicer

No choice but a bread slicer for cutting bread.

There should be no choice but a bread slicer for cutting bread. This is because it has a jagged blade like a saw to even cut soft bread straight with beautiful cutting surface. Anyone can see how different it is from other ordinary knives which end up squashing bread and losing good flavor and texture. Bread slicers can cut bread without squashing it and maintain its flavor and texture. You can see the difference even when you spread butter on the bread.

Cut Cheese with a Bread Slicer

Cut cheese with a bread slicer.

Bread slicers are also good for cutting cheese. Of course you can use a grater or peeler, but using just one bread slicer consistently can reduce hassles to wash dishes.

You don't need tips or skills for it! Anyone would become able to cut cheese with a bread slicer well.

Cut Vegetables with a Bread Slicer

Cut vegetables with a bread slicer.

Tomatoes, lettuces, cabbages, etc, would be common vegetables eaten with bread. Especially when cutting tomatoes, you should use a well-sharpened knife. In fact, bread slicers are even good for cutting tomatoes.

Cut Ham with A Bread Slicer

Cut ham with a bread slicer.

Bread slicers will do perfectly when cutting ham! You can cut it into your favorite thickness. This is also thanks to jagged blade of bread slicers. Anyone can see how great its functionality is.

Now we prepared breakfast with just one bread slicer without using a knife, peeler, or grater. All we have to wash now is only the bread slicer and cutting board. Saving hassles and time can bring you more relaxing morning and good start!

Bread slicers are such a reliable, excellent partner for breakfast preparation!