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"Diatomaceous Earth Stove" Can Upgrade Your Cooking

"Shichirin" (earthen charcoal brazier) is used as a barbecue stove in Japan.

Shichirin has been used to grill dried fish, mushrooms and vegetables since ancient times. Its main features are ceramic effect and radiant heating. These enable Shichirin to grill ingredients without losing moisture and flavor. Good quality Shichirin is used not only at home but at restaurants.

We would like to show you Noto Dia Charcoal Grill Shichirin Hida Konro manufactured by Notodaiya, Co., Ltd.

Advantages of Diatomaceous Earth Stove

Noto dia Hida Konro is made of diatomaceous earth.

Noto Dia Hida Konro is made of diatomaceous earth. Like ordinary barbecue stoves, charcoals are placed in the middle when cooking. However, Hida Konro can produce higher energy with less fuel. This is because of ceramic effect of diatomaceous earth stove, which is the key to making ingredients flavorful. Hida Konro slowly heats ingredients by infrared radiation to make them juicer and more flavorful.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth Stove

Charcoal is used for fuel.

Charcoal is used for fuel. Binchotan (high-grade heavy charcoal) can maintain heating power but takes time to be ignited. Oak tree or lighter charcoal are better to use. The amount of charcoal for fuel should be around one third of internal area of the stove.

If you need longer lasting heating power (eg. for restaurant use), you should make a fire with the above-mentioned light charcoal and add Binchotan afterwards.

When making a fire, set pieces of charcoal like a triangular pyramid to get air through. You can use firelighters or solid fuel OR directly burn charcoal with a burner. You can also put tightly tied newspaper under charcoal pieces and ignite the newspaper with a lighter or match.

Once charcoal pieces start to burn, spread them in the stove so that the heat will conduct evenly.

Cautions When Using Diatomaceous Earth Stove

Do not wash it in water. Let it cool down spontaneously and then clean it with a wet towel after wringing it out.

Do not wash it in water. Let it cool down spontaneously and then clean it with a wet towel after wringing it out. As the stove gets extremely hot during use, be careful not to get burned.

Oil stains might not be fully removed. This is because of high absorbency of ceramic materials. It would be possible partially remove stains by scrubbing the stove with sandpaper after it gets cool and dry. You can enjoy these stains as its unique feature.

As diatomaceous earth is ceramic material and vulnerable to shock, be careful not fall it or give it strong impact.

The stove should be stored in a non-humid place. Because of its high absorbency, it will absorb humidity and cause mold. Also, it’s vulnerable to direct sunlight as excessive dryness will cause it to crack. Make sure to store it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.