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Long series of holidays in Japan called “Golden Week”

In Japan, there is a long series of holidays including national holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May every year. It is called “Golden Week” as a popular nickname in Japan, as it is a long series of holidays of more than a week.

This period includes several national holidays and all public organizations as well as many private operations such as banks, postal offices, general corporates and retail shops close then.

In 2019, there were unexceptional 10 consecutive holidays and unusual measures were taken as there was a concern about the impact on livelihoods.

For example, there was a concern about the shortage of cash in ATMs at financial organizations and they increased monitoring of balances or prepared more cash than usual. Also, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare responded by compiling information on medical facilities where people can visit during the 2019 holidays and Japan Post made a special exception by conducting delivery services on Sundays and holidays when deliveries are not normally made.

Golden Week consists of national holidays and holidays

Golden Week includes several national holidays such as “Showa Day”, which is Birthday of Showa Emperor, national holiday by law, “Constitution Memorial Day”, “Greenery Day” and “Children’s Day”. In addition, when Saturday and Sunday are overwrapped, that weekday changes to be a holiday as a replacement and the total length of holidays varies depending on the year.

Golden Week in 2022 is as follows.

April 29 (Fri) National Holiday (Showa Day)

April 30 (Sat) Holiday

May 1 (Sun) Holiday

May 2 (Mon) Weekday

May 3 (Tues) National Holiday (Constitution Memorial Day)

May 4 (Wed) National Holiday (Greenery Day)

May 5 (Thurs) National Holiday (Children’s Day)

May 6 (Fri) Weekday

May 7 (Sat) Holiday

May 8 (Sun) Holiday

History of Golden Week

The name “Golden Week” became established from around the 1950s. But its name was not official, but a promotional term in the film industry, derived from an event that had a major business success in the film industry. Because of that, a part of the news organizations having the public constitution do not call it “Golden Week” but use “Long series of holidays in spring” or “Long series of holidays”.