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Wish upon a star... Tanabata Star Festival!

Konnichiwa, everyone!

Have you ever heard of the Star Festival, called Tanabata? The term "Tanabata" originated from a loom that were used to weave kimono for God. Those kimono were laid to pray for good harvest and cleansing.

After Buddhism was brought to Japan, we started to celebrate Obon, "Japanese Halloween" where we welcome Gods and our ancestors' spirits in mid August. Tanabata started to be held before Obon for preparation. It is set on the 7th of July and "Tanabata" is literally written "7th evening" in Chinese characters.

Now, let us introduce a very nice story to you. The origin of Tanabata was mentioned above, but do you know why we call it "the Star Festival"? On the 7th of July in Lunar calendar, Vega of Lyra (called Princess Orihime) and Altair of Aquila (called Prince Hikoboshi) shine the most at the both ends of Lactic Way as if they are trying to let each other know their presence.

We believe those two can see each other somewhere in Lactic Way on this day once a year. Romantic, isn't it?!

From this story of Vega and Altair, people believe Tanabata is the day when our wish comes true. As you can see in the picture, we write our wish on the colorful papers (called Tanzaku) and hang them on bamboo trees. Today this is a very common habit so you can see it everywhere around Tanabata. (It's also interesting to read what others wrote there though this may not be really nice...)

What kind of wish would you like to write on the paper? Our wish is to make you enjoy shopping with us more!