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How to Use Copper Kitchen Tools

  • 3 min read

The products of ASAHI CO.,LTD have plating inside, and outside is finished with polishing to optimize materials.

As no baking finish is provided, the products will naturally oxidize and discolor over time.

Use the attached abrasive to polish the pan in case of discoloration.

Frequent care will enable long-term use as copper is a very durable material.

Use & Care

  • Do not use it on stoves, which is dangerous.
  • Do not use it in ovens, which may cause damege to the handle.
  • Do not use it in microwave ovens, which may cause malfunction and fire.
  • The pan will be hot during/after cooking. Keep it out of children's reach to avoid burns.
  • The handle and knob also will be hot.
  • Put the pan in the center of cooktop in a stable position.
  • Adjust the heat so that the fire won't get larger than the bottom of the pan.
  • Do not use the pan with the handle or knob coming loose, which may cause them to fall and get you burnt. Make sure to re-tighten them before using the pan.
  • Do not modify or quickly repair the handle or knob when broken, and stop using the pan.
  • Do not heat the pan with nothing inside, which may cause deformation or damege to the handle and knob.
  • Do not make the pan boil over, which may cause malfunction of cooktops.
  • Take special care when using the pan for cooking Tempura and turn off the heat if you are away; otherwise it may cause fire.

Before First Use

Wash the pan and boil the water in it before first use. This is to remove unwanted smell or oil that are unavoidable in manufacturing process. Wash the inside with neutral detergent and boil the water (with vegetable scraps is better).

When the cooper pan oxidize and discolor over time, the same as silver ones, polish it with the attached abrasive.

For Copper Kitchen Tools

Copper kitchen tools will turn slightly black or get dark with soot when heated.

Soot on the outside can be removed if wiped with a soft cloth or sponge and the attached abrasive.

The inside of copper products (pots, kettles, pans, mugs, etc.) are coated with plating.

Plating coating will come off over time。However, it is not harmful, and the copper ion effect even increases.

For washing, use a soft sponge. After washing, wipe off the water thoroughly and store the pan in a dry location.

Do not leave food in the pan for a long time after cooking.

Remove the food as soon as possible after cooking; otherwise, it may cause patina or abrasion of plating.

Be assured that patina is not harmful.

Patina is a kind of rust that grows on the surface of copper. It is an insoluble compound and isn't absorbed in human body. In case it is, it will be safely discharged.

About Copper

Copper is an essential substance for human body.

If you have anemia even though you take sufficient iron, the symptom might be copper deficiency anemia.

Copper helps in iron circulation. The deficiency of copper will affect the growth of brain, nerve and bone.

For this reason, copper is a must for out health and essential metal for humans.

Let's use copper kitchenware to take necessary nutrients!

To produce blood and maintain good health, you need to take copper from daily meals.

Recommended intake for adults is 2 to 5 mg a day on average.

By using cooper kitchenware, you can take necessary nutrients without extra efforts and discharge naturally.

Bactericidal effect of copper

Copper provides a bactericidal effect when mixed with water, which is called "copper ion effect".

copper ion effect prevents bacteria and keeps copper ware clean.

Cooper ware can make the ingredients even more delicious.

Copper has a few times higher heat conductivity than other metals.

Copper ware can conduct heat evenly and cook ingredients well without overcooking.

Especially when cooking Japanese Oden, beans, stew or lump of meat, cooper pans can make the ingredients soft and well-cooked with good heat circulation.

Cooper ware is durable and lasting as well as energy-saving.

With a copper pan which has high conductivity and heat retention, you can cook over middle heat or less. This leads to energy saving. Also, cooper is a lasting economical material if provided with good care.