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Coming of Age Day

  • 2 min read

Konnichiwa, everyone!

I know we just had new year holidays but there is another national holiday, Coming of Age Day on January 14th.

As you may know, there are so many different kinds of coming of age ceremony in the world, for example bungy jump in Vanuatu or "Flying Indian" in Mexico. How is that like in your country?

As you can see in the picture, this is our ceremony; we dress up with sort of Kimono called Furisode for girls and Hakama or suits for boys. I thought this ceremony is held all over Japan on the same day every year but my friend from Niigata told me they have it around May, because it's quite cold there in January.

First, our age for the celebration is 20, then we can finally smoke or drink legally. Most of girls wear these colorful and pretty Furisode to look good on their biggest day. I still remember I had to go to the hair salon to dress and make up at 5am on the day because they have a long list of girls who need to do that. Of course it's winter, it was very cold in my hometown and the road was frozen in the early morning. My father was driving to the hair salon and when he braked our car slid on the ice and luckily stopped without crashing into anything. I thought my day has gone lol. After dress up? Of course we need to wait like statue until the ceremony starts! Wearing Kimono is not as great as looking at it by the way...

Also, this ceremony is held by each city so we normally attend the one in your hometown. That means we can see all the old friends at a time! Reunion is always good and fun since some people look very different from your memory :P

Recently, those youth who attend the ceremony just get too excited and go off the rails sometimes. I guess it's really disappointing for you due to typical Japanese image... unfortunately nothing is always beautiful :( It's celebration and happy event for them but I wish they enjoy that with common sense as adults making our society.

Thus, we will be off on 14th. Please allow us for an extra day to deliver your items. Thank you always for your understanding!