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Culture Day

  • 1 min read

Konnichiwa everyone!

November 3rd is another national holiday called "Culture Day" in Japan.

This is originally Meiji emperor's birthday as well as the day when the Constitution of Japan was announced. As this constitution is strongly connected to "peace" and "culture", this day was named Culture Day. As you may know, we don't have army in Japan. We only have self-defense force, which shows our will that we never have war in the future.

There is a festival at Iruma base of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force in Saitama every year. They have the acrobatic demonstration team called "Blue Impulse" and you can enjoy their performance at the festival. You can also see their drums performance or exhibition from other department such as the Ground Self-Defense Force or the Maritime Self-Defense Force. 

Also, in school, we have this unique school festival around Culture Day. Some students sing songs on the stage, some dance, some draw pictures for that, some play instruments or put on a play and their family can visit and see how they made an effort on those arts.

Honestly, I didn't know that Culture Day is related to the Constitution of Japan and have the meaning of peace. I wish many Japanese get to know that to feel importance of peace and how happy we are every year!

Thus, we will be off on November 3rd. Please be advised it takes an extra day for you to receive your order. Thank you so much for your understanding!