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Enjoy Sports!

  • 1 min read

Konnichiwa, everyone! It is getting cooler in Japan and October is very good season to enjoy sports as it's not hot either cold!

The second Monday in October (8th, this year) is one of national holidays called "Sports Day", which was set for the memorial national event - Tokyo Olympic in 1964. That was very special because it was very first Olympic held in Asia and this holiday was set in 2 years.

Around this day, many schools hold Sports festival. I still remember how I was excited every year When I was a student. We have relay, three-legged race (sometimes more!), tug-of-war or a lot of unique races like "Kibasen". We practice well and our parents come to see that with... bento! I liked this special bento on Sports festival day because this was massive! Normally my mother made one for me but it was just one portion, however, it must be bigger when all the family member have it together, 4 in total in my case (imagine if there are more!). Plus we ate it under the sun, I felt so good and full of energy after that special bento :)

We will have the second Tokyo Olympic in 2 years. There still seem to be so many things to prepare or resolve but it must be another honor...!

October 8th is national holiday so we will be closing as well. Please allow us to take an extra day to deliver your orders. Thank you always for your understanding!