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Happy New Year!!

  • 2 min read

Konnichiwa and Happy New Year, everyone!

How was your 2018? Hope you have full of lovely memories.

I guess New Year’s Holiday in Japan has similar idea to Christmas for some of you. It’s very important for us to celebrate new year with family and friends, for example, we write the greeting cards to everyone (literally, everyone you know) around mid December so that they can receive it on January 1st :)

We also have pretty many gathering with family, friends or colleagues and have food, drink and visit shrine to wish our good luck in the new year. 

Especially during the first 3 days called Sanga-nichi, we eat the special new year’s dishes, Osechi and Zouni, which is very traditional Japanese food. Osechi maybe looks like bento for you but it’s originally made for god so more colorful and beautiful. It contains many kinds of food and each has specific meanings but I won’t write here since there are sooo many :P Zouni is basically a soup with rice cake and vegetables, however, this has very different style in each regions so it might be fun to compare them. Oh! Last but not least, we eat Soba (buckwheat noodles) on New Year’s Eve. Though there’re various theories, the most common one says we eat it to wish our health and long life like Soba.

We still have so many traditions for new year such as playthings, but I want to mention about Otoshidama here. It’s the traditional new year’s money gift which is normally given to children. They receive it from their parents, relatives and sometimes their friends or neighbors, then some save it for their future and the rest spend all every year. There’s a kids’ song singing “how many times do I sleep before new year?”... you see how much they are excited about it (of course not only about it, though!) ;) We have a sale related to Otoshidama, so please check it out!

For us, Globalkitchen Japan, 2018 was the year of changes. We changed internal personnel, Website and logo design and operation style. With these changes, we wish we can provide better service to you this year.

Thank you for reading and again, Hapoy New Year! We wish your good luck and health in 2019! :)