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Labor Thanksgiving Day

  • 1 min read

Konnichiwa, everyone!

How are you doing? I guess many of you are getting very busy in work as it's almost the end of year...

November 23rd is another national holiday in Japan. As it's widely known, "hardworking" is one of Japanese national traits. 

Of course it depends on type of jobs but, for example, my father used to work for revenue. He seldom came home around dinner time and it was a bit awkward for me when he was home early during weekday (sadly!).

Well, you maybe think it’s not great life but we don’t really think we are hardworking. It’s just normal for us to work like this and we appreciate what we do. When I was a child, I always said “thank you for working for us” to my father on this Labor Thanksgiving Day. He said the reason why he could work hard was that we supported him and he wanted to support us.

However, the true meaning of this day is more general. We say “none of us can’t be lost from our society”, meaning that all the workers are making our society and playing important roles. So this national holiday was set to say "thank you" for all the workers in Japan! I like this story a lot as one of Japanese hard workers honestly :P

Therefore, we will be closing on November 23rd. Please note that it will take an extra day to receive your items ordered around this time. Thank you always for your understanding!