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Notice of Summer Holidays

In Japan, we have summer holidays called "Obon" from August 8 to 16.

Have you ever heard of Obon in japan?

It is believed that our ancestor's spirits will return home in Obon, and Obon is the most important Buddhist event. Families get together to welcome ancestors or visit their graves. This family event is highly adored, and many companies are closed for about a week.

For this reason, most manufacturers are off work from August 8 to 16, and products on backorder will take longer time to be shipped than usual. Response from our customer service will be also delayed.

Below is our operation schadule. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Date Our Shop Manufacturers NOTE
Shipment Customer Service
August 7 (Fri)
August 8 (Sat) Only shipment via DHL is possible.
August 9 (Sun)
August 10 (Mon)
August 11 (Tue)
August 12 (Wed)
August 13 (Thu)
August 14 (Fri) Only shipment via DHL is possible.
August 15 (Sat) Only shipment via DHL is possible.
August 16 (Sun)
August 17 (Mon)