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Schedule around New Year's day

  • 1 min read

Konnichiwa everyone!

This period around the end of year to the new year's day is one of the longest holiday seasons in Japan.

To have big house cleaning and family/friends gathering to say good bye to the past year and welcome the coming year, our holiday starts from December 28th. Also, we have this new year's holidays called "Sanga-nichi", which is the first three days of the new year. We have traditional new year's dishes, Osechi and Zoni, then visit the shrine to say hi to God. 

Thus, we will be closing from December 28th to January 3rd as our suppliers are also off.

The orders placed by 26th can be shipped within 2018 (depending on the stock status). If the order is placed after 26th, it will be shipped once we resume our operation in 2019 so please be advised that it takes longer to receive your items!

Thank you so much for your understanding :)