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Strong Detergency and Functionality of Sasara

Cooking is not just frying, boiling or serving. It even includes preparation, dish washing and cleaning.

Among all the processes, "Washing and Cleaning" might be the one that everyone is the most reluctant to do. For instance, washing dishes, cleaning utensils and maintenance. It would be wonderful if we can save time and trouble for these. "Sasara", a bamboo whisk, might be a good resolution!

Advantage of Sasara

The advantage of Sasara is its "strong detergency".

Sasara is basically devised for washing pans and mainly used by Chinese chefs because of its strong detergency and simple maintenance. Also, we can wash pans without putting hands in water.

How to Use Sasara

It’s very simple. All we have to do is just scrub the pan with Sasara.

It’s very simple. All we have to do is just scrub the pan with Sasara.

Sasara is made of bunch of tiny bamboo strips or twigs. It has strength and flexibility, and doesn’t harm the surface of pans. So we can scrub hard without too much worrying. Burnt oil stains can be easily removed by boiling water in the pan and then scrub it.


After use, wash Sasara in running water without detergent, and dry it out of direct sunlight

After use, wash Sasara in running water without detergent. Dry it out of direct sunlight, for which you can hang it or put it in a basket.

Bamboos have antibacterial effects and resistance to bacterial propagation. However, humidity may cause it to get moldy. Also, direct sunlight may cause it to discolor. It’s important to dry it out of direct sunlight.

Which is better, Sasara or Tawashi?

Sasara and Tawashi are both professional use tools for washing pans.

Sasara and Tawashi (Japanese traditional scrubbing brush) are both professional use tools for washing pans. Either has its own feature. Sasara has strong detergency and can wash pans quickly. Tawashi can wash pans carefully and thoroughly.

Both are excellent to wash pans. However, Sasara might be better for restaurant use where the same pan is constantly used while Tawashi for home use where a pan is basically used only once for each time.

asara can make cooking more efficient, but somewhat takes storage space. Tawashi is not as efficient as Sasara, but it’s compact and can save storage space.

You can have both of course, and it would be also good to use one for different purposes.