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“Omoeraku” is a brand representing the Japanese “spirit” to value the tradition passed down through generations. Omoeraku is aiming to appreciate Japanese traditional culture and food culture and to develop new tools that help people in modern era. Why don’t you send your feelings with Omoeraku gifts to your beloved people?

Japanese people are keen about praying to God or Making a wish and believe in superstitions to bring good luck. Those superstitions or lucky charms are even used for gifts, celebrations, or weddings. We are going to introduce good traditional fortune items that have sophisticated design and elegant color.

We would like to introduce a glass with a motif of Mt. Fuji, which is ideal for celebrations. Mt. Fuji has been a landmark symbolizing Japan and thought as a lucky motif. The glass looks like Mt. Fuji when facing it down. If you drink sake with this good fortune glass, nothing will be better!
Otoshibuta is a dropping lid to put over ingredients. It prevents ingredients being overcooked to fall apart as well as make them absorb seasonings or soup. It is a cooking tool reflecting Japanese spirit of being particular about the details.
Magma Plates feature a fine uneven structure of the surface inside and outside. This structure can enlarge surface area to absorb more heat. As a result, it provides high heat conductivity so that it can keep flavor of the ingredients inside them. If you are interested in the attraction of cooking with iron pans, you should try Magma Plate pans. You would fall into its good functionality and convenience.
How would you enjoy meals? We would enjoy meals by tasting (in mouth), smelling (with nose) and watching (with eyes). This time we would like to show you “Kazarigiri (decorative cutting)” that represents chef’s fine techniques and creative senses.
Chicken is eaten worldwide and popular in Japan too. Especially Yakitori, one of representative Japanese food, is popular among foreigners and always ranked high. We would like to show you how to cut and separate the chicken carcass, as prerequisite knowledge prior to cooking Yakitori.
Shabu Shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water and served with dipping sauces. We would like to introduce Shabu Shabu that is not only delicious but also healthy as its excessive fat is removed.
“Crushing ingredients” is one of essential cooking techniques. We would like to introduce Suribachi and Surikogi (Japanese mortar and pestle) that have been used since establishment of Japanese cuisine.
People might often use bowls in the kitchen. We would like to introduce such a convenient 3 way bowl. As its name represents, it is a bowl that plays 3 roles ― wash, soak, drain. To be more specific, wash rice, soak it in the water, and drain it. The 3 way bowl can do all these things!

Sushi is extremely popular worldwide! For those who think making sushi at home is a little too hard, making rolled sushi with a sushi rolling mat (called Makisu) and mould. With Makisu, anyone can make professional rolled sushi! Why don’t you hold a party with Japanese comfort food?

This time we would like to tell you about “Machi”, a joint of blade of Japanese knives. In terms of structure, Machi is an essential part of Japanese knives, and because of Machi, we can adjust the knives to fit in hand more comfortably. Learning about Machi might enable you to handle Japanese knives better.

Halloween is an exciting event either for adults or kids. Kids must be looking forward to this annual event. We would like to share recipe of Halloween art Takoyaki using Takoyaki pan. Let’s cook Halloween Takoyaki to enjoy Halloween party even more with your family and friends!

Tempura is a Japanese traditional dish. Any ingredients would taste good when made into Tempura. We would like to show you the 3 tips of cooking tasty Tempura. Once you learn the tips, you can be a Tempura professional from Today!
In Japan, Sarashi is widely used in high-class restaurants, sushi restaurants, etc. for multiple purposes. We will show you 3 ways of its practical use ー Filtering, Moisturizing, and Wiping. You can't do without Sarashi once you realize its functionality and convenience firsthand!
We will show you a recipe of Sweet Potato Seasoned Rice, which is one of the most basic and simple seasoned rice, and the recipe can be applied to other seasoned rice. This time we use a Donabe to cook it . Why don’t you enjoy a Japanese traditional cuisine cooked with Donabe?
We would like to show you a Tojiro paulownia cutting board , which is always clean, shock-absorbing, and light. It is a wonderful cutting board that can be made only by such long-established knife manufacturer. It would be recommend especially to chefs who value not only cooking outcomes but also cooking tools.
Have you ever heard of a Japanese style lunch box "Magewappa" that has about 1300 years history? Made of wood, it has good breathability and can prevent food getting too moist or watery. It has other advantages too. Why don’t you get it and experience a wonderful Japanese tradition?
Noda Horo White Enamel Meal Prep BaKing Tray is simple but stylish, and new colors have arrived! We would like to show you the new lineup. Enameled ware is corrosion / acid resistant. As it can be used over a gas stove or in a refrigerator, it can deal with every process from cooking to food storage. Let's enjoy cooking with your favorite colors!

Do you know "Daikon oroshi"? Daikon oroshi is grated daikon (Japanese white radish) and specific to Japan. It isn’t eaten alone but with grilled fish, soba, udon, Japanese rolled Tamagoyaki omelette, and hotpot. It is piquant and adds refreshing flavor to the dishes. We would like to show you the tips to make tasty daikon oroshi!

Today we would like to show you a representative Japanese style pan, "Yukihira saucepan", which has been widely used either at restaurants or at home. It is manually hammered by professionals. This strengthen the durability and heat conductivity. It can be used for a wide variety of cooking and must be your great cooking partner!
In Japan, we have summer holidays called "Obon" from August 8 to 16. It is believed that our ancestor's spirits will return home in Obon, and Obon is the most important Buddhist event. Families get together to welcome ancestors or visit their graves. This family event is highly adored.

Generally, shaved ice used to be more like crunchy and rough granular. However, the latest ones are fluffier and finely granular like “iced mango” in Taiwan. We would like to show you an ice shaving machine named “Black Swan” manufactured by Ikenaga Iron Works Co., Ltd, which can make fluffy shaved ice at home. In summer, ice shaving machines must be very helpful especially for those who live in areas with high temperatures!

We would like to show you Yutaka Horo enameled ware, which is newly added to Globalkitchen Japan sales lineup. It features good functionality as well as cute design. Its retro color will not only make dishes look better but also enrich your table. It is especially recommended to those who wants to enjoy cooking with cure and pop items or those who decorate their shops to make them catchier.
Nodahoro enameled ware is all handmade by professionals. So, each product has its own individuality. Also, made of metal core with glass glaze around, it has advantages of either metal or glass ― heat resistance, durability, resistance to smell transition and corrosion, and stylish design.  Except being vulnerable to impacts, enameled ware is quite use-friendly material. Its cool stylish design makes food look better and boost your mood. We would like you to try and feel it firsthand.
Yakan (means kettle in English) has been used as a representative kitchen tool since ancient times. Japanese Yakan has unique shape and long history. We would like to show you Sori Yanagi Stainless Kettle and cleaning tips for Yakan. Yakan represents Japanese customs. Why don’t you try and use it in your everyday life?
In cooking process, "Washing and Cleaning" might be the one that everyone is the most reluctant to do. For instance, washing dishes, cleaning utensils and maintenance. It would be wonderful if we can save time and trouble for these. "Sasara", a bamboo whisk, might be a good resolution! We would like to show you how to use Sasaea and save your time.
Today we are going to show you a Scandinavian style reversible cutting board. BREAD & FRUIT CUTTING BOARD has slits on the side for cutting bread, which prevent scattering of bread crumbs. Made of natural wood, each of them has its own individuality.  As its charm grows over time, even just bread and fruit would look better on it. Let's enjoy your breakfast in simple but sophisticated Scandinavian style and culture!

Molding rice is common and familiar in Japanese food culture, and rice molds are very useful when you serve a plate lunch or make the dishes more photogenic for SNS posts. Of course, this isn’t their only functionality, and we should also be aware of another practical functionality to retain heat. We will show you 2 different shapes of mold and demonstrate how to use them. Let's try using rice molds and upgrade your daily meals!

Rabbits are adored as a symbol of abundance and especially known for Easter, but also they appear in other annual events in Japan. We would like to show you a series of Kutani Rabbit Painting Ware, which is designed by traditional Kutani Painting techniques but also is modernized. This series of Kutani Rabbit Painting Ware might bring new possibility to Japanese traditional craft works and lead product designing in Japan. Why don’t you get this cutting-edge trend on your table!

We’ve been showing how to make sashimi at home in our 3 serial blog posts and here's the final topic: How to process/slice "Saku" (fish fillets). In the first blog, we showed “Washing” (how to prepare fish with head and guts) and in the second blog, "San Mai Oroshi" (how to cut a fish into 3 pieces). In our final blog for sashimi, we are going to show you how to process Saku and slice it into sashimi!

San-Mai Oroshi (cutting a fish into 3 pieces) might sound easy, but you should know there are a few points to take special care. Cutting a fish just randomly without thoughts will spoil its taste and looks. However, if you are aware of some tips, it isn’t so difficult. Just be sure of the important points we are going to show you.

As with a global trend of pursuing healthy food, more and more people now eat raw fish, get impressed by awesome sushi or sashimi, and wish to cook them by themselves. We would like to show you in our serial blog posts how to prepare a fish to make sashimi. The topic of the first post is “A Basic Process to Prepare a Fish”.

Today we would like to show you “fire safe enamel containers” manufactured by Noda Horo. Noda Horo containers can be used not only for food storage but also cooking itself. Also, they are heat resistant enough, even oven safe as well as have excellent heat conductivity, heat retention and coolability. The more advantages of Horo containers you know, the more possibilities you’ll find about how to use them.

In cooking, kitchen scissors might be essential. We can find them to be an excellent cooking assistant for opening food packages or cutting trashes for disposal. In terms of hygiene, sharpness and design, we would like to show you 2 kitchen scissors. Why don’t you try and find your lifetime cooking partner?

As in breakfast of toast and egg or lunch of sandwiches, bread is now essential staple food in Japan. We all would hope to have happy meals each time, every day. Can you ever imagine that a bread slicing knife affect the taste? Try Tojiro Bread Knife and its professional sharpness not only for bread.
Kutani ware is one of representative Japanese traditional crafts. We would like to show you "Collaborations of Kutani Painting and Wakasa lacquer chopsticks" produced by Seikou.Co.,Ltd and their 15 designs with all different meanings behind. Let's find your favorite and enrich your table with Japanese traditional Kutani-painted chopsticks!

We would like to show you a traditional luxury sake cup painted with Japanese traditional Urushi. Not only its unique design, Urushi sake cups but also have history, tradition, Japanese spirit and lucky charms. Nothing is better than it for a gift to your beloved ones especially who are interested in Japanese tradition and culture or who have sophisticated sense of beauty.

We Globalkitchen Japan would like to express our deepest gratitude for continuous support from our customers last year. Thanks to those support, we could bring wonderful Japanese culture and products to the customers all over the world and make them happy. With our Omotenashi spirit, we will work even harder to serve as a bridge between customers and skillful manufactures to spread lifetime kitchen tools and cutlery as well as other Japanese crafts.

Chirashi sushi is a type of sushi but more like a homemade family dish with ingredients you like. What does "chirashi" means? It's "sprinkle". Imagine your favorite toppings are sprinkled all over sushi rice... How attractive is it? Let's have a look at this simple recipe and enjoy Chirashi sushi with your favorites!
Cooking starts from cleaning - To cook better, you need to clean better. This blog introduces durable and convenient "Kamenoko tawashi" that can remove persistent stains without any hassle. Let's take a look and learn how supportive it is. We promise that it will make your kitchen life drastically easier.
What kind of dishes do you think of when you hear the word “Japanese food”? You might say Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura etc... “Sukiyaki” is also one of the most popular Japanese food. This luxurious meal for special occasions should be able to top off your year nicely. We explain how to cook and enjoy Sukiyaki in this blog.
Thank you always for shopping with Globalkitchen Japan. Today, we would like to inform you about our schedule over the New Year holidays. Sorry for the inconvenience and we really appreciate your understanding. Please take a look at shipping notice carefully and enjoy your last shopping in 2019!
The Japanese have given great importance to the hospitality since ancient times and that spirit is originated from plateware. Also, sakura is one of the typical Japanese symbols and lets us foresee the bright future. Let's take a look at this blog and see the best way to deliver your hospitality to your beloved ones.
What would you associate the term of “Wasabi” with? The weird feeling stimulates deep inside of your nose... You might think of typical traditional Japanese dishes because Wasabi is an essential ingredient and condiment for Japanese cuisine. However, do you know much about Wasabi? This blog gives you some ideas.
Giving gifts to your beloved ones on various occasions is very important for making better relationships or building stronger bonds. Frequent gift senders might think it'd be great if a happy surprise can be added to their very special gifts. This blog suggests you an awesome gift wrapping technique with "Furoshiki".
One of Japanese typical winter dishes is a hot pot. As the winter comes, every family has many opportunities to enjoy various hot pots. That much the hot pot is close to the Japanese. We have tons of types including local ones. Here you can check five simple recipes. Enjoy Japanese classic hot pots at home in winter!
Ohitsu is a wooden tub you can see at Japanese restaurants, especially at sushi places. This tool has been used mainly to keep steamed rice warm for long in Japanese food history. It's basically the wooden tub and the lid but not merely for keeping warm or stocking cooked rice. Let's take a look at this craft!
Tamagoyaki is one of the most classic cuisine you can encounter literally everywhere from sushi places to local deli shops, no matter if they are high-grade or ordinary, even at home. We have several types of tamagoyaki but the way you cook is pretty much same. This blog introduce a dedicated cookware for tamagoyaki.
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