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Do you like waffles? Do you know that waffles taste best when freshly baked? Today we are going to introduce a homemade waffle recipe. If you have a waffle iron, you can enjoy freshly baked waffles at home any time. Let's give it a try!

Have you ever got through hassles in boiling eggs? Eggs are rich in nutrients and eaten in various dishes all over the world. Using convenient egg tools will certainly reduce your stress in cooking. Let’s enjoy cooking various egg dishes by using Microwave Egg Boiler and Egg Cutter!

Despite being originated from China, Ramen has been developed independently from the original style in Japan. Now it has taken a firm hold in Japan as a new food culture, which is more and more spreading to the world. Today we will show you the whole process to cook “Spicy Miso Ramen".
Hina-matsuri is a festival celebrating girls and wishing them good health. It is a historic and traditional event where people display dolls called “Hina-Ningyo” for protection from misfortunes and eat specific dishes. Today we are going to introduce how to cook Chirashi-zushi and Osuimono!
In Japan, there is a fish-shaped waffle called “Taiyaki”. It is made by baking waffle batter with filling inside. The most common filling is sweet red bean paste. Taiyaki imitates the shape of "Tai" (sea bream) , which is believed to bring a good luck. We will show you a simple Taiyaki recipe!
Chawanmushi is a Japanese traditional dish as well as very common and typical menu for seasonal events or celebrations. We are going to show you a recipe using a one-size-fits-all steamer named “Mushīna”, which is a tool to make a pan/pot like a steamer.
Chicken is eaten worldwide and popular in Japan too. Especially Yakitori, one of representative Japanese food, is popular among foreigners and always ranked high. We would like to show you how to cut and separate the chicken carcass, as prerequisite knowledge prior to cooking Yakitori.
We would like to introduce cookie cutters to make the Candy House that appears in a Grimm Fairy Tale, By using house-shaped and fir tree-shaped cutters, you can easily make an edible diorama. Let’s make a Candy House you’ve been dreaming of, and have the best Christmas with your family!

Sushi is extremely popular worldwide! For those who think making sushi at home is a little too hard, making rolled sushi with a sushi rolling mat (called Makisu) and mould. With Makisu, anyone can make professional rolled sushi! Why don’t you hold a party with Japanese comfort food?

Halloween is an exciting event either for adults or kids. Kids must be looking forward to this annual event. We would like to share recipe of Halloween art Takoyaki using Takoyaki pan. Let’s cook Halloween Takoyaki to enjoy Halloween party even more with your family and friends!

Tempura is a Japanese traditional dish. Any ingredients would taste good when made into Tempura. We would like to show you the 3 tips of cooking tasty Tempura. Once you learn the tips, you can be a Tempura professional from Today!
We will show you a recipe of Sweet Potato Seasoned Rice, which is one of the most basic and simple seasoned rice, and the recipe can be applied to other seasoned rice. This time we use a Donabe to cook it . Why don’t you enjoy a Japanese traditional cuisine cooked with Donabe?

Molding rice is common and familiar in Japanese food culture, and rice molds are very useful when you serve a plate lunch or make the dishes more photogenic for SNS posts. Of course, this isn’t their only functionality, and we should also be aware of another practical functionality to retain heat. We will show you 2 different shapes of mold and demonstrate how to use them. Let's try using rice molds and upgrade your daily meals!

We’ve been showing how to make sashimi at home in our 3 serial blog posts and here's the final topic: How to process/slice "Saku" (fish fillets). In the first blog, we showed “Washing” (how to prepare fish with head and guts) and in the second blog, "San Mai Oroshi" (how to cut a fish into 3 pieces). In our final blog for sashimi, we are going to show you how to process Saku and slice it into sashimi!

San-Mai Oroshi (cutting a fish into 3 pieces) might sound easy, but you should know there are a few points to take special care. Cutting a fish just randomly without thoughts will spoil its taste and looks. However, if you are aware of some tips, it isn’t so difficult. Just be sure of the important points we are going to show you.

As with a global trend of pursuing healthy food, more and more people now eat raw fish, get impressed by awesome sushi or sashimi, and wish to cook them by themselves. We would like to show you in our serial blog posts how to prepare a fish to make sashimi. The topic of the first post is “A Basic Process to Prepare a Fish”.

Ramen is a representative Japanese food. Ramen chefs in Japan take incredibly a lot of time and efforts to serve just a single bowl of Ramen. It is very interesting that while those enthusiasm for cooking Ramen spread nationwide, a basic concept of Ramen has been established.

We would like to show you this basic concept ― what Ramen is like, and its variety.

Chirashi sushi is a type of sushi but more like a homemade family dish with ingredients you like. What does "chirashi" means? It's "sprinkle". Imagine your favorite toppings are sprinkled all over sushi rice... How attractive is it? Let's have a look at this simple recipe and enjoy Chirashi sushi with your favorites!
What kind of dishes do you think of when you hear the word “Japanese food”? You might say Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura etc... “Sukiyaki” is also one of the most popular Japanese food. This luxurious meal for special occasions should be able to top off your year nicely. We explain how to cook and enjoy Sukiyaki in this blog.
One of Japanese typical winter dishes is a hot pot. As the winter comes, every family has many opportunities to enjoy various hot pots. That much the hot pot is close to the Japanese. We have tons of types including local ones. Here you can check five simple recipes. Enjoy Japanese classic hot pots at home in winter!
Halloween is a big event where adults and children both can enjoy parades, costumes and a home party. I can imagine how excited you all are! Of course, sweets give color to this special day. Why don't you bake spooky and cute cookies with your family, friends and lovers to enhance a Halloween mood?
Takoyaki is a popular food in Japan. Especially in Kansai area, they own a takoyaki pan per family. If you are into Japan, try Takoyaki Party (Tako-pa) at home! In the first place, what is takoyaki? What do you need to make it? How can you make it? You can learn everything you need to know about takoyaki in this blog!