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Halloween is an exciting event either for adults or kids. Kids must be looking forward to this annual event. We would like to share recipe of Halloween art Takoyaki using Takoyaki pan. Let’s cook Halloween Takoyaki to enjoy Halloween party even more with your family and friends!

In Japan, we have summer holidays called "Obon" from August 8 to 16. It is believed that our ancestor's spirits will return home in Obon, and Obon is the most important Buddhist event. Families get together to welcome ancestors or visit their graves. This family event is highly adored.

Have you heard about the Star Festival, called Tanabata? Tanabata is originally one of the looms that chosen girls used to weave kimono for God. Those kimono were laid for good harvest and cleansing. After Buddhism was brought to Japan, we have got Obon, "Japanese Halloween" where we welcome Gods and our ancestors'

Konnichiwa, everyone! How are you doing? Hope you are all good :) According to the calendar, the 21st of March is the start of spring in Japan. It's still a bit chilly but having more warm days compare to last month. We often say that spring is the season for meeting and leaving.
Konnichiwa, everyone! I know we just had new year holidays but there is another national holiday, Coming of Age Day on January 14th. As you may know, there are so many different kinds of coming of age ceremony in the world, but I'd like to share how it's like in Japan with you. Hope you enjoy getting to know about us!
Konnichiwa and Happy New Year, everyone! How was your 2018? Hope you have full of lovely memories. I guess New Year’s Holiday in Japan has similar idea to Christmas for some of you. Hope you can get some ideas of our tradition!