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For Japanese people, delicious rice is a minimum requirement for satisfactory meals. However, cooking delicious rice is not that simple. Today we are going to introduce “Hario Induction Rice Cooker Casserol”, with which everyone can cook delicious rice. Would you like to enjoy fluffy and freshly cooked rice?
In Japan, bamboo serving plates (“Bonzaru” in Japanese) have been used since ancient times for draining or drying food materials, serving food, etc. They are a very convenient tool that can be used for multiple purposes. Today we are going to show you how to select and use Bonzaru. Would you like to get a natural bamboo Bonzaru made in Sado as your new cooking partner?
In hot summer, you would want to stay cool with cold food. Tokoroten, a representative Japanese summer food,  is shredded gelidium jelly. Today we are going to tell how to make authentic Tokoroten with Tentsuki (Tokoroten cutter). Let's enjoy summer in Japanese style with Tokoroten and Tentsuki!
TSUKI and YUKI are tableware originated from Japanese traditional culture and made of roof tiles (Kawara in Japanese).  They feature unique color, stylish design and even good functionality. They have earned high reputation worldwide and received various awards. Would you like to get the sophisticated tableware originated from Japanese traditional culture and techniques?
Yasuda Kawara is a type of roof tile that has been widely used and familiar to Japanese culture and life. For its functionality and design, it can be also used for serving Japanese cuisine, providing it with gorgeous looks. Would you like to get one as tableware for special events or celebrations?
Radish garnish called “Tsuma” is essential for most Japanese representative fish dishes including sashimi. It takes a lot of time to learn cutting skills with knife, but with Katsuramuki Peeler S Turning Slicer, anyone can cut Tsuma easily and quickly. It would be helpful either for restaurant use or home use.
Japan has had its own tea culture since ancient times and even now a lot of people love drinking tea. Today we would like to introduce two differentiated teaware, Tetsukyusu (iron teapot) and Tetsubin (iron kettle) and explain their features and tips for use.
In Japan, there is a unique charcoal grill called “Shichirin”. It has been used at home or restaurants since before. Shichirin can even optimize flavors of the ingredients and make them more delicious. Would you like to experience authentic BBQ with a wonderful Japanese cooking tool?
We will show you a recipe of Sweet Potato Seasoned Rice, which is one of the most basic and simple seasoned rice, and the recipe can be applied to other seasoned rice. This time we use a Donabe to cook it . Why don’t you enjoy a Japanese traditional cuisine cooked with Donabe?
Have you ever heard of a Japanese style lunch box "Magewappa" that has about 1300 years history? Made of wood, it has good breathability and can prevent food getting too moist or watery. It has other advantages too. Why don’t you get it and experience a wonderful Japanese tradition?
Noda Horo White Enamel Meal Prep BaKing Tray is simple but stylish, and new colors have arrived! We would like to show you the new lineup. Enameled ware is corrosion / acid resistant. As it can be used over a gas stove or in a refrigerator, it can deal with every process from cooking to food storage. Let's enjoy cooking with your favorite colors!

Do you know "Daikon oroshi"? Daikon oroshi is grated daikon (Japanese white radish) and specific to Japan. It isn’t eaten alone but with grilled fish, soba, udon, Japanese rolled Tamagoyaki omelette, and hotpot. It is piquant and adds refreshing flavor to the dishes. We would like to show you the tips to make tasty daikon oroshi!

Today we would like to show you a representative Japanese style pan, "Yukihira saucepan", which has been widely used either at restaurants or at home. It is manually hammered by professionals. This strengthen the durability and heat conductivity. It can be used for a wide variety of cooking and must be your great cooking partner!
We would like to show you Yutaka Horo enameled ware, which is newly added to Globalkitchen Japan sales lineup. It features good functionality as well as cute design. Its retro color will not only make dishes look better but also enrich your table. It is especially recommended to those who wants to enjoy cooking with cure and pop items or those who decorate their shops to make them catchier.

Shichirin (earthen charcoal brazier) has been used to grill dried fish, mushrooms and vegetables since ancient times. Its main features are ceramic effect and radiant heating. These enables Shichirin to grill ingredients without losing moisture and flavor. We would like to show you "diatomaceous earth stove", which can slowly heats ingredients by infrared radiation to make them juicer and more flavorful. We will also show you how to use diatomaceous earth stoves.

What makes Numb Iron Takoyaki pans distinctive is that it is engineered to conduct heat evenly. Because of this, it can cook each Takoyaki well. Also, iron pans are less likely to cause Millard reaction and can make Takoyaki that brings out the best of each ingredient. We would like to show you how to use and care Iron Takoyaki Pan. Let’s provide appropriate care to make the pan lasting longer and enjoy delicious Takoyaki.

Nodahoro enameled ware is all handmade by professionals. So, each product has its own individuality. Also, made of metal core with glass glaze around, it has advantages of either metal or glass ― heat resistance, durability, resistance to smell transition and corrosion, and stylish design.  Except being vulnerable to impacts, enameled ware is quite use-friendly material. Its cool stylish design makes food look better and boost your mood. We would like you to try and feel it firsthand.
Yakan (means kettle in English) has been used as a representative kitchen tool since ancient times. Japanese Yakan has unique shape and long history. We would like to show you Sori Yanagi Stainless Kettle and cleaning tips for Yakan. Yakan represents Japanese customs. Why don’t you try and use it in your everyday life?
In cooking process, "Washing and Cleaning" might be the one that everyone is the most reluctant to do. For instance, washing dishes, cleaning utensils and maintenance. It would be wonderful if we can save time and trouble for these. "Sasara", a bamboo whisk, might be a good resolution! We would like to show you how to use Sasaea and save your time.

In cooking, kitchen scissors might be essential. We can find them to be an excellent cooking assistant for opening food packages or cutting trashes for disposal. In terms of hygiene, sharpness and design, we would like to show you 2 kitchen scissors. Why don’t you try and find your lifetime cooking partner?

Tetsubin, an iron kettle, offers even more elegant life with its unique features. Among Japanese tetsubin, Nambu ironware has a long history in Northeast Japan. How can you care tetsubin? To fully enjoy your graceful life with Nambu ironware, have a look at this quick guide we've prepared for you!
Tinware is fascinating about the unique tone and several benefits, appealing to many discerning customers in Japan. Among many brands, Nousaku tinware is made of 100% pure tin so it's an artwork as well as a traditional craft. Give your precious person this perfect gift! We will also describe how to care for the tinware :)
Donabe, a clay pot, has been used since the Jomon period in Japan. It has been drawing more attention recently to boil tasty rice. If you experience donabe rice, you can no longer eat rice cooked by an electric rice cooker. Do you want to know more about the secret of donabe? Then, don't miss this blog!
Halloween is a big event where adults and children both can enjoy parades, costumes and a home party. I can imagine how excited you all are! Of course, sweets give color to this special day. Why don't you bake spooky and cute cookies with your family, friends and lovers to enhance a Halloween mood?
Takoyaki is a popular food in Japan. Especially in Kansai area, they own a takoyaki pan per family. If you are into Japan, try Takoyaki Party (Tako-pa) at home! In the first place, what is takoyaki? What do you need to make it? How can you make it? You can learn everything you need to know about takoyaki in this blog!
Ohitsu is a wooden tub you can see at Japanese restaurants, especially at sushi places. This tool has been used mainly to keep steamed rice warm for long in Japanese food history. It's basically the wooden tub and the lid but not merely for keeping warm or stocking cooked rice. Let's take a look at this craft!
Tamagoyaki is one of the most classic cuisine you can encounter literally everywhere from sushi places to local deli shops, no matter if they are high-grade or ordinary, even at home. We have several types of tamagoyaki but the way you cook is pretty much same. This blog introduce a dedicated cookware for tamagoyaki.
Rice ball called onigiri is one of the representative Japanese home-cooked food. It is quite simple food as it only has rice and fillings wrapped in seaweed. Imagine you can make your own onigiri with your favorite fillings at home... Here, we have an interesting item to make onigiri like the ones bought from stores.
Japanese food is now a big trend all over the world. I'd say the most famous and popular one is especially sushi. Do you know there are some types for sushi, for instance, nigiri or rolls? In this blog, I'd like to introduce a great film that allows you to easily make sushi rolls. Put inside what you like and enjoy!