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Vernal Equinox Day

Konnichiwa, everyone! How are you doing? Hope you are all good :)

According to the calendar, the 21st of March is the start of spring in Japan. It's still a bit chilly but having more warm days compare to last month. We often say that spring is the season for meeting and leaving. This is because March and April is our switching moment. Switch what? Everything, like starting new semester with different classmates at school or new term with brand-new goals at work.

I am not an exception; I graduated schools, entered the first company, started new life... keep meeting new people and leaving my beloved places or people in spring. When I think about this season, I still clearly remember those complex mixture of feelings that I had in spring. Therefore, for me spring is the season of growth or changes. Last three weeks were graduation season in Japan. I really hope that they had great time and friendship from their irreplaceable adolescence, also have brilliant new life in their new environment.

As you may know, spring is also one of the best seasons to visit Japan, as we have full of sakura blooming! I am sure this beautiful pinky world must impress you very much :) I personally have very bad hay fever so spring is not the friendly season to me, but still I would love to go out and see this scenery once a year if possible. If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, spring is highly recommended (but you might have to get ready for woolly worms when you walk under the trees) :P

Moreover, there will be some events coming soon, such as Easter or Mother's Day. We have some Easter themed items and gift collection so please check them out and see what you like! There are some unique services that we can provide for you, these Engraving or Furoshiki Gift Wrapping are recommended for this special opportunity!

Thank you always for shopping with us. Hope you received and enjoyed a little bit of spring wind from Japan!