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Welcome, autumn!

  • 1 min read

Konnichiwa, everyone!

Autumn has come! We have another national holiday in Japan, the day we welcom autumn, called Autumnal Equinox Day.

As you may know, we have four seasons and autumn is said the best one to do anything... for instance, to eat, to read, to do sports and to sleep. There are apparently so many good food in autumn and we sometimes excuse when we eat too much in autumn.

Especially, I love autumn because of red leaves. You might have ever seen the view before but Japanese leaves are exclusively red, also it matches well with Japanese traditional scenery in my opinion. Sakura in spring is truly beautiful but I also like and recommend these autumn scenery.

The date depends on calendar every year and in case Friday or Monday is the day, we can have long holiday weekend called Silver week, compared to Golden week in May. It is 23rd this year and Monday 24th would be holiday instead as it is Sunday on 23rd. Please be advised that it takes an extra day for you to receive your products.

What do you want to enjoy the most in this autumn? :)