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Collection for Free Shipping

All the knives and associated items in this page are the target products for free shipping.

The shipping fee will be free when the item(s) price is ¥15,000 and over and weight is 2.0kg or less.

To use this service, your cart can only include the products in this page.

Delivery will be completed by Japan Post or DHL. Carriers cannot be chosen.

Tojiro Fujitora DP 3-Layer Gyuto Knife from ¥ 6,830 JPY ¥ 8,000 JPY
Tojiro Fujitora DP 3-Layer Petty Knife from ¥ 5,370 JPY ¥ 6,000 JPY
Tojiro Shirogami Steel Yanagiba Knife from ¥ 6,100 JPY ¥ 7,000 JPY
Tojiro Shirogami Steel Deba Knife from ¥ 6,470 JPY ¥ 7,500 JPY
Tojiro DP 3-Layer Chinese Cleaver 225mm from ¥ 17,100 JPY ¥ 22,000 JPY
Tojiro Shirogami Steel Usuba Knife from ¥ 7,570 JPY ¥ 9,000 JPY
Tojiro Fujitora DP 3-Layer Sujihiki Knife from ¥ 9,770 JPY ¥ 12,000 JPY
Tojiro Carving Fork F-819 ¥ 4,630 JPY ¥ 5,000 JPY
Tojiro Shirogami Steel Mioroshi-Deba Knife from ¥ 8,670 JPY ¥ 10,500 JPY
Misono UX10 Gyuto Knife from ¥ 21,120 JPY ¥ 22,900 JPY
Misono UX10 Santoku Knife ¥ 21,910 JPY ¥ 23,800 JPY