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[New Arrival] The best knife case made by Japanese craftsmen!

It's time to carry your favorite knives

It's time to carry your favorite knives

"I wish I could have brought my own knives... "

Those who thought about this phrase in the past must have missed some opportunities to show your best performance somewhere outside of your kitchen.

If you could use your usual knife in your friend's place...

If you had that knife at barbecue...

If you can use your own knife at relative's home party...

You could have enjoyed cooking and food much more.

Knives are as important as cook's hands. Using familiar knives does matter whatever you cut, for instance roasted beef, prosciutto or fish. Japanese craftsmen created this wonderful item that can make your dream come true.

Want to go out with me? It's "Nomadife"

Want to go out with me? It's

Nomadife is a portable knife case which is light and slim enough to carry even in the corner of your bag.

They are made one by one by Japanese woodcrafters for you to show off your cooking skills. Nomadife will be your great partner when you go out and cook outside of your kitchen. This very new knife case is for those who truly love to cook and know the importance of using your knives.

Take them out safely and hygienically

Take them out safely and hygienically

When you bring out your knives, you would probably think about safety, knife-friendliness and hygiene.

Nomadife stores a knife easily and safely once you slide the aluminum cover. Stand is made of paulownia to reduce damage to the knife and magnet is also embedded to seat the knife and prevent it from moving in the case. It protects knives from not only damage, but also damp.

The safe, knife-friendly and hygienic knife case, Nomadif will give you a lot more opportunities to shine with your cooking skills.

For your special... Can be a wonderful gift

For your special... Can be a wonderful gift

If you have your partner, family members or friends who like to cook, Nomadife will be one of the best options to express your gratitude.

Imagine, if someone who loves to cook and takes care of the knives as if they are his/her kids is given Nomadife as a gift? That person will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and cannot help cooking for you.