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Banko Ware Stoneware Donabe Casserole Rice Cooker

Size: 3-Go

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Product Information

  • Brand:Misuzu
  • Model:3-Go / 5-Go / 7-Go
  • Color:Blackish
  • Material:Stoneware (Banko ware)
  • Product type:Donabe Casserole Dishes
  • Country of origin:Japan (Yokkaichi, Mie)
  • 3-Go:Dimensions (approx): Diameter: 180 mm, Height: 145 mm, Capacity (approx): 1500 ml, Item weight (approx): 1600 g, Shipping weight (approx): 2300 g
  • 5-Go:Dimensions (approx): Diameter: 205 mm, Height: 180 mm, Capacity (approx): 2300 ml, Item weight (approx): 2200 g, Shipping weight (approx): 2900 g
  • 7-Go:Dimensions (approx): Diameter: 240 mm, Height: 215 mm, Capacity (approx): 4000 ml, Item weight (approx): 3900 g, Shipping weight (approx): 4700 g

Key Features

  • Available in 3 sizes (3-Go, 5-Go and 7-Go).
  • Japanese traditional craft - Banko Ware.
  • No seasoning needed before first use.
  • Glazed finish is easy to clean.
  • Inside waterlines to cook Japanese-style polished rice (Use a measuring cup for brown rice).

Suggested Cooking Times: for Polished Rice 3-Go

  • The Japanese traditional unit 1-Go means 180 ml.
  • Add rinsed rice and water (200 ml per 1-Go polished rice) into the casserole.
  • Soak the rice for 20-60 minutes.
  • Cook over medium-high heat for about 15 minutes (which is about 3 minutes after you see the strong steam coming out from the hole on the lid).
  • Turn off the heat and let steam inside for 10-20 minutes with the lid stays closed.
  • Then, open the lid, and stir the cooked rice with a shamoji rice spatula.
  • Ready to eat.
  • 1-Go polished rice (180 ml):Water: 200 ml, Heating time: 11 minute
  • 2-Go polished rice (360 ml):Water: 400 ml, Heating time: 13 minute
  • 3-Go polished rice (540 ml):Water: 600 ml, Heating time: 15 minute
  • 5-Go polished rice (900 ml):Water: 990 ml, Heating time: 17 minute
  • 7-Go polished rice (1260 ml):Water: 1390 ml, Heating time: 19 minute

Use & Care

  • Designed for use on gas, in the oven or microwave; not induction compatible.
  • Microwave safe for reheating.
  • To clean a burnt casserole, let the water come to a boil, add a tablespoon of baking soda. Simmer for 2-3 minutes on low heat, then turn the heat off and allow it to cool, and wash the casserole.
  • Hand washing is recommended. Dry thoroughly.
  • Do not use for deep frying.


Misuzu Ceramic Inc was founded in 1965 in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, Japan. They have a Banko-yaki pottery kiln called Misuzu.

Banko ware is well known especially for its Kyusu teapots, Donabe casserole dishes and pig-shaped covers for mosquito-killing incense. Banko-yaki ware was designated as a traditional craft in 1979.