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Benriner Professional Series Super Benriner Mandoline Slicer No.95


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Full set includes the body, flat blade, 3 interchangeable julienne blades (Fine, Medium and Coarse blades) and every other accessory.

Product Information

  • Brand:Benriner
  • Model:Professional series No.95
  • Material:Body: ABS plastic (Heat resistant up to 70°C) (Anti-slip: Elastomer), Blade: Stainless steel, Finger Guard: Polypropylene plastic
  • Color:Off-white
  • Product type:Mandolines
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Dimensions (approx):370 x 130 x 45 mm, Cutting surface width: 95 mm
  • Item weight (approx):555 g
  • Shipping weight (approx):800 g

Replacement Parts

Benriner Professional Series Super Benriner Wide-Body Mandoline Slicer No.95 Replacement Parts

    1. Flat Blade:Shipping weight (approx): 40 g
    2. Fine Blade (1 mm):Shipping weight (approx): 20 g
      Medium Blade (3 mm):Shipping weight (approx): 20 g
      Coarse Blade (11 mm):Shipping weight (approx): 20 g
    3. Tightening Screw:Shipping weight (approx): 10 g
    4. Interchangeable Blade Slot Screw:Shipping weight (approx): 10 g
    5. Thickness Adjustment Dial:Shipping weight (approx): 40 g
    6. Finger Guard:Shipping weight (approx): 30 g
    7. Non-Skid Base:Shipping weight (approx): 50 g

    Key Features

    • This is a new and improved model.
    • You can adjust slicing thickness from 0.5 mm to 8.0 mm with the adjustment knob.
    • The flat blade is interchangeable with either of 3 julienne blades: Fine julienne (1 mm), Medium julienne (3 mm) and Coarse julienne (11 mm).
    • With the attached finger guard, you can hold the food safely and protect your fingers.
    • Non-kid base will anchor the slicer in a stable position.
    • You can hook the slicer over the edge of bowl and slice vegetables directly into the bowl.

    Use & Care

    • Do not use it around any cooktop or heating. It will cause the body to melt.
    • Do not rub it with a tough sponge or abrasive detergent.
    • Do not apply use thinner, petrol or benzine on it even for cleaning purpose.
    • Wash it with soap and rinse it properly.
    • Be careful with the blades.
    • Keep it out of reach of children.


    BENRINER.CO.,LTD is a Japanese company founded in 1945. The founder Uyuki Yamamoto first invented a radish slice with his own idea in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Japan in 1940 and then he officially established BENRINER.CO.,LTD, which was named after some product name. The first BENRINER mandoline slicer was made of wood and mainly purchased by hotels or restaurants. Today its Japanese style slicers are very popular all over the world for its sharp blades.