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Ebisu Stackable Ice Cube Tray with Lid

Type: Crushed Ice (PH-F64)

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Product Information

  • Brand:Ebisu
  • Model:PH-F64 / PH-F65 / PH-F66 / PH-F67
  • Material:Body: Polypropylene plastic (Heat-resistant up to 110°C), Lid: Polyethylene plastic (Heat-resistant up to 60°C)
  • Product type:Ice Cube Mold & Tray
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Crushed Ice (10 Cubes):Dimensions (approx): 260 x 124 mm, Height: 47 mm, Item weight (approx): 137 g, Shipping weight (approx): 140 g
  • Ice Cube (14 Cubes):Dimensions (approx): 260 x 124 mm, Height: 42 mm, Ice size: 45 x 25 x 20 mm, Item weight (approx): 184 g, Shipping weight (approx): 190 g
  • Ice Stick (9 Cubes):Dimensions (approx): 260 x 124 mm, Height: 36 mm, Ice size: 90 x 25 x 20 mm, Item weight (approx): 173 g, Shipping weight (approx): 180 g
  • Mini Ice Cube (84 Cubes):Dimensions (approx): 260 x 112 mm, Height: 36 mm, Ice size: 10 x 10 x 10 mm, Item weight (approx): 150 g, Shipping weight (approx): 160 g

Key Features

  • Available in 4 types.
  • Sealed lid for stacking and storing in a freezer drawer.
  • The covered tray keeps ice cubes from absorbing freezer odors.

Use & Care

  • Fill the tray with water until the water line for easy release.
  • Freezer safe.
  • Package design may vary.


Ebisu Co Ltd was founded as a cosmetic wholesaler in 1896 in Osaka City. The company registered a trade mark “Ebisu Toothbrush” in 1919. Ebisu Toothbrush Co Ltd was established in 1963. The company renamed to Ebisu Co Ltd in 1971 and Relocated its headquarters to Nara Prefecture in 1972.