HASAMI WARE SAIKAI Karakusa Motif Rice Bowl 14.5cm (Blue)



Product Information

  • Brand: Saikai Toki
  • Model: 66273
  • Material: Ceramic (Hasami ware)
  • Colour: Blue
  • Product type: Bowls
  • Country of origin: Japan (Hasami, Nagasaki)
  • Dimensions (approx): Diameter: 145 mm, Height 80 mm
  • Capacity (approx): 500 ml
  • Item weight (approx): 180 g
  • Shipping weight (approx): 380 g


Saikai Toki Co., Ltd. was founded in 1946 in Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan.

"Hasami porcelain is characterized by its beauty of pure white porcelain and the delicately painted decoration glazed with a blue pigment. The grace of openwork in a wickerwork design and mesh design is unique to Hasami porcelain. Originally it was produced for common people, and has cultivated a long tradition of beauty.

Both the traditional skills to produce the porcelain and the craftworker’s motivation to hand down the tradition are surely found today. Various daily dishes were produced in the past, for example, a china bowl called Kuwaranka-wan and a kind of liquor bottle called Mitsumata-Tokkuri, and they were sold in Edo and Osaka area by the merchant dealing with Imari porcelain. The manufacturer have improved and changed the shapes of Hasami porcelain so that they catered more to people’s needs at that time. Hasami porcelain has a history of 400 years, which also tells us a history of food culture in Japan.

Traditional Craft Officially Designated by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry." - Japanese Traditional Culture Promotion & Development Organization

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