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Noda Horo Enamelware Food Container for Nuka-Zuke Pickles 5.8L

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Product Information

  • Brand:Noda Horo
  • Model:TK-58
  • Material:Body: Enamelled steel, Lid: EVA plastic, Cup: Porcelain
  • Color:White
  • Product type:Food Containers
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Dimensions (approx):Body: 307x225x120 mm
  • Capacity (approx):5.8 L
  • Item weight (approx):1200 g
  • Shipping weight (approx):1750 g

Key Features

  • A porcelain cup to absorb water from the pickling bed is included.
  • Designed to store in the fridge.
  • Enamelware is easy to remove odor.
  • Enamelware is long lasting, does not produce environmental toxins and keeps food fresh and germ free, making it ideal for storage.

Use & Care

  • Good for 2 kg of dried rice bran.


Established in 1934, Noda Horo Co.,Ltd. has been producing beautiful and functional enamelware for over 80 years.