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Parker Asahi Cookin' Cut Synthetic Rubber Cutting Board


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Product Information

  • Brand:Cookin' Cut®
  • Model:101 / 102 / 103 / 104 / 105 / 106
  • Material:Synthetic rubber (Heat-resistant up to 90°C)
  • Product type:Cutting Boards
  • Country of origin:Japan (Fukaya, Saitama)
  • G101:Dimensions (approx): 500 x 250 mm, Thickness: 20 mm, Item weight (approx): 3200 g, Shipping weight (approx): 4200 g
  • G102:Dimensions (approx): 500 x 330 mm, Thickness: 20 mm, Item weight (approx): 4200 g, Shipping weight (approx): 5200 g
  • G103:Dimensions (approx): 600 x 300 mm, Thickness: 20 mm, Item weight (approx): 4600 g, Shipping weight (approx): 5600 g
  • G104:Dimensions (approx): 600 x 330 mm, Thickness: 20 mm, Item weight (approx): 5000 g, Shipping weight (approx): 6000 g
  • G105:Dimensions (approx): 750 x 330 mm, Thickness: 20 mm, Item weight (approx): 6300 g, Shipping weight (approx): 7300 g
  • G106:Dimensions (approx): 900 x 300 mm, Thickness: 20 mm, Item weight (approx): 6800 g, Shipping weight (approx): 7800 g

Key Features

  • Available in 5 sizes and 3 thicknesses.
  • Durable commercial-grade kitchenware - Made in Japan.
  • Cookin' Cut® is the Japan’s first synthetic rubber cutting board. Long-time best seller for professional chefs since 1965.
  • Durable synthetic rubber construction is non-porous & non-absorbent, and will not crack or chip.
  • Easily wipes clean.

Use & Care

  • Hand wash with neutral detergent and nylon brush, also dry completely after use.
  • Chlorine bleach safe.
  • Stains can be removed easily by rubbing with sandpapers and cleansers.
  • Leaving it close to the fire or put heated pans or stoves may cause deformation.
  • Heat-resistant temperature from -30°C to 90°C.
  • Do not lean on something, otherwise it may be deformed.
  • Ultra violet safe.
  • Do not soak in chlorine bleach for long amount of time.
  • Do not use other than a cutting board.
  • Use on a flat table.
  • Make sure that hot water is under 90℃ when you want to sanitized with boiled water. Also do it both sides to prevents from over turning.
  • Do not store at unstable place, it may fall off and gets you injured.
  • Be careful not to cut your fingers when you try to cut frozen food or slippery ingredient.
  • NOT dishwasher safe.


Parker-Asahi Co Ltd was founded as Asahi Rubber Co Ltd in 1956 in Saitama, Japan, as a group company of Asahi Corporation who used to be a Japanese Tabi Socks manufacturing company and whose Tyre Division became Bridgestone Corporation. The Asahi Rubber Co Ltd became a member of Parker Corporation in 2013 and was renamed to Parker-Asahi Co Ltd in 2016.