Universal Wooden Saya Kitchen Knife Sheath for Santoku 180mm (Special Order)


For Santoku 180 mm

Product Information

  • Model: For Santoku 180 mm
  • Material: Natural wood (Magnolia obovata)
  • Product type: Knife Sheaths
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Item weight (approx): 40 g
  • Shipping weight (approx): 40 g

Special Order Instructions

  • Due to the Special Order, we cannot sell this item alone. Please add this item to your shopping cart with another item other than Special Order items at our store.
  • Please understand that Special Order items may not be able to ship within 4-5 business days like our regular items.
  • If your order includes a Special Order item and items already available, the whole order will be ship in the same time (only one delivery) once the Special Order product is available.
  • Special Order items are not returnable.

Key Features

  • Wooden kitchen knife sheath for safe storage and transport.
  • Made of Ho-wood. As with all wooden items, please allow for natural variation in the grain patterns of the wood.

Use & Care

  • Fits most of Sakai knives (Sakai Takayuki, Jikko, etc), most of Seki knives (Seki Magoroku, Misono, Masahiro, Yaxell), and most of Tojiro.

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