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Iwachu Nambu Cast Iron Atsukan Warming Bottle

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Product Information

  • Brand:Iwachu
  • Model:13003
  • Material:Cast iron (Inner surface / Back of lid: Enamel)
  • Product type:Warming Bottle
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Dimensions (approx):φ125 x 200 x 125 mm, Hole Diameter: 117 mm
  • Capacity (approx):250 ml
  • Item weight (approx):900 g
  • Shipping weight (approx):1200 g

Key Features

  • Traditional Nambu Cast Iron warming bottle.
  • High heat retaining and hard to cool down once it gets warmed.
  • Can be used for warming sake, keeping sake at the ordinary temperature and also cold sake as well.

Use & Care

  • Wash well after use and store after drying well.
  • Use low heat.
  • Cast iron products are very heavy, so please be careful when using them. Also note that dropping or rapid cooling may cause cracks or fissures.
  • Do not touch the body or handle with bare hands during use, as they can become extremely hot and cause burns.
  • At the beginning of use, rinse the unit lightly, fill it with water to the eighth fill, bring it to a boil over medium heat, and then discard the water. Repeat this two or three times.


Iwachu is a company located in Iwate Prefecture manufacturing and selling Nanbu Tekki Crafts. Since its founding in 1902, they have been making products that fit into modern life while preserving the tradition of Nanbu Tekki for over 400 years. With an integrated production system from design to sales, they deliver 1 million products annually to Japan and overseas. They are actively working to create new traditions, such as manufacturing and selling teapots and kitchenware that match the modern sensibilities, as well as manufacturing Nanbu Tekki series by overseas designers.