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Golden Week is one of the most anticipated times of the year in Japan. This annual celebration of national holidays in late April and early May is a beloved tradition that brings the country to a near standstill as people take time off work and school to travel, visit families, and enjoy the springtime.
As we approach May 5th, Japan's annual Children's Day celebration, families across the country are preparing to honor and cherish their sons. This national holiday is a time-honored tradition filled with whimsical decorations, special foods, and fun activities. Let's explore how the Japanese commemorate this special day.
Do you need a gift so special, so thoughtful, and so perfect that it will make your mother forget she has other children? Globalkitchen Japan is here to help.
The beginning of spring is one of the most magical times of year in Japan. Now you can borrow that magic and place it right on your dinner table with this collection of tableware.
Packing a Japanese lunch? Then you need to make onigiri.
What separates the average rice-enjoyer from the extra-handsome rice-enjoyer? An ohitsu.
It's easy to take a simple cloth for granted. Today, we solute the unsung hero in every Japanese kitchen.
Time to come out of your winter hibernation and get to work on spring cleaning.
Once a year, Japan prays for the good health and long life of their daughters. On March 3rd, you can join them.
Do you smell that? It's the rich aroma of roasted sweet potatoes. Learn how to make yours at home.
Are you in search of information about Yukihira and Yattoko pots?
Are you steamer-curious but not sure you could use one? Fear not. Read on and become a fearless steam-cooking hero.
Welcome, tofu lovers! In this guide, we'll teach you how to make authentic tofu at home.
Do you need even more good luck in your life? Then you need to make some Japanese fish waffles.
Feeling cursed or down on your luck? Throw some soybeans and eat some sushi to turn things around this Setsubun.
You may have seen them, but how much do you know about those cute little lucky cats, and how might they improve your life?
The most culturally significant holiday in Japan is New Year's. Read more to learn about the traditional foods eaten on New Year's.
Got a new donabe? Then you need to do a little preparation before cooking for the first time.
Learn how to prepare and season a wok to perfection and begin the journey to fried rice perfection.
Ready to try making Japanese food for the first time, but don't know where to start? You can't go wrong with miso soup.
You may not be a professional pastry chef, but after reading this article, you'll be able to build the cookie house of your children's dreams.
It's time: You need to buy the gifts now before it's too late. Read this article to get some gift giving guidance.
Christmas is approaching. Want to share some Japanese culture with your loved ones while learning an interesting hobby? Furoshiki might be for you.
Prepare your bandages and ointment because fighting is about to break out around the sukiyaki pot. Let me hear your battle cry!
Wanna build a collection of sake cups and servers without lawyers getting involved? Consider tin.
Call your family, call your friends, it's time to get the festival started with some homemade obanyaki!
You made a plum liqueur, you drank and made merry, but what do you do with the plums?
The humble mortar and pestle are the heart and soul of the perfect family meal. Read more and learn the possibilities these simple kitchen essentials unlock.
Looking for a Halloween cookie and icing recipe to take Halloween to the next level? Close the other tabs and read this article immediately.
You know what? You need to learn how to turn eggs into fluffy little bricks.
Everybody loves authentic Japanese ramen. Using a ramen strainer can upgrade your ramen cooking game.
The TAKUMIWAZA KIWAMI from UMIC is a handsome pan that gets the job done.
When you've eaten all the soba, but still crave some more, what do you do? You drink the leftovers.
In this article I teach you how to make soba from scratch using the Hounen Handmade Soba Set.
It takes a little more work than an electric rice cooker, but the cast iron rice cooker by Iwachu has some tricks up its sleeves, too.
Are you tired of compromising on the quality of your cutting boards? Then these boards might be for you.
Obon, or "The Festival of Spirits", is held around the middle of August. This article will introduce you to this important Japanese festival.
Thinking yakiniku? Great idea. Time to get some Clever tongs to complete the experience.
Choosing the right tools for trimming your nails can be a challenge. We at Globalkitchen Japan are here to help.
What's the simplest way to cool down and experience summer the Japanese way? Cold Brew Green Tea with a Hario.
The summer heat can drain you of energy fast. Learn about a nutrition-packed Japanese food traditionally eaten at the height of the summer heat.
Are you worried that your children might spend the summer without enjoying a refreshing cup of shaved ice? Worry no more.
Enjoy a traditional festival of love, hope and dreams with a refreshing Japanese noodle.
Do you want a charcoal grill that will save you time and money while making delicious barbecue meals for your outdoor parties? Then you need a Kaginushi.
Summer in Japan means ripe plums. Learn how to use those plums to make delicious umeshu.
What if I told you that you don't have to fear your grater?
If you want to enjoy sushi in a party setting with your Japanese food-loving friends, then you might want to give temakizushi a try.
These NiNJA knives might look cool, but can they cut? Read more to find out.