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A Bread Knife Can Affect the Taste. ― Tojiro Bread Knife

As in breakfast of toast and egg or lunch of sandwiches, bread is now essential staple food in Japan. We all would hope to have happy meals each time, every day. Can you ever imagine that a bread knife can affect the taste?

Why is a bread knife good for cutting bread?

A Bread Knife Can Affect the Taste. ― Tojiro Bread Knife

A bread knife is particularly devised for cutting bread. It features a jagged long blade, which is good for cutting a loaf of bread as well as sandwiched and baguette.

With ordinary knives, you can’t insert the blade smoothly, and end up squashing bread and spoiling its flavor or texture. Bread knives can cut bread as saws cut trees without putting much pressure on bread. This way of cutting can maintain bread’s flavor and texture.

How to Choose a Bread Knife

A Bread Knife Can Affect the Taste. ― Tojiro Bread Knife

There are several types of bread knife, and choosing an appropriate one is the very first important step to make your meals wonderful.


Most are made of stainless steel, but some are made of ceramics. The advantage of stainless steel is rust resistance and blade durability, and that of ceramics is light weight and rust proofness.

Shape of blade

Some have a jagged blade and others have a flat blade like ordinary knives. Jagged blades can cut various kinds of bread. Flat blades are good for cutting soft breads properly.

Try Tojiro Bread Knife and Its Professional Sharpness Not Only for Bread

A Bread Knife Can Affect the Taste. ― Tojiro Bread Knife

Tojiro is one of leading blade manufactures in Japan, which has been developing professional use products with a concept "Enjoy Professional Sharpness at Home". Among their rich line-up, the most recommended for home use is Tojiro Bread Knife 235mm F-737.

Its length is appropriate for home use, and its jagged blade can cut mostly any bread well. With rust resistant stainless blade and stylish wooden handle, it has either excellent practicality or design.

It must be usable for multi purposes such as cutting bread, cheese, and ham.