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A Convenient Knife Bag for Carrying Knives

You wouldn’t carry knives very often in daily life unless you are a personal chef or something. So, most of you do not know what to do with it when you get to carry knives. As knives have blades, they have to be covered with stab-proof materials for safety. Also, knives are kind of bulky. It would bother you even more if you have to carry multiple knives, not just one.

Chef apprentices or students of cooking school often have opportunities to carry their own knives to home, work, and school. Those people would know how troublesome carrying knives is.

“Why is carrying knives so troublesome?”

“OMG! They are bulkier than I expected!”

There is a convenient and safe knife bag that can solve all these frustrations.

What is a knife bag?

Knife bags have been used for carrying knives by Japanese chefs since a long time ago.

The Tojiro knife bag manufactured at Tsubame-sanjo, which is the center of knife manufacturing, applies traditional and basic style of Japanese chefs carrying knives.

It has 5 pockets inside to keep 5 knives. Each pocket has different size and can also hold long chopsticks (called Saibashi), etc. other than a knife. The pockets can hold Gyuto knives (up to 240mm), Western Deba knives (up to 240mm), Deba knives (up to 163mm), and Yanagiba knives (up to 240mm).

Most knife bags are made of cloth to cover knives by rolling them. The Tojiro knife bag is a hybrid of cotton and lightweight polyester and has better stab-proof function. It is durable and more resistant to tears and pulls. Also, water or stains on the surface can be easily removed. It is another advantage of the Tojiro knife bag that it can keep clean.

Carry knives in safe and hygienically clean condition

Knife bags are more recommended than knife cases as they are even more portable and can carry knives in safe and hygienically clean condition.

As the Tojiro knife bag is made of cotton and polyester, it is more stab-resistant and stain-proof as well as breathable and washable.

Also, as it is even more portable and safer than knife cases, it is good for chef apprentice or those who often get to carry knives.

Unexpected stress in carrying knives should be addressed as soon as possible!