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Attractive tinware that brightens up your dining table

The products we used:

Nousaku tinware that carries on traditional craft

Tin is an exclusive metal after gold and silver. The glossy and voluptuous texture appeals to us more than ceramics and silverware.

Tin has a high antibacterial effect and reacts less to the air so this is the ideal material as plateware. In Japan, we traditionally believe that water in tinware never goes off and sake in tinware is mellower without off-flavor. So, tin is the amazing material that greatly contributes to the good sanitary condition and taste.

However, as tin is soft enough to be easily bent by hand compared to other metals so dishes made of 100% pure tin is quite rare. This is usually mixed with other metals to get more strength.

On the other hand, Nousaku tinware is made of 100% pure tin. Although the strength is lower than the ordinary tinware, you can enjoy the elegant and glossy texture unique to tin.

Nousaku is the casting brand that has been run since 1916 by Nousaku Corporation, the cast metal manufacturer owning their factory in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. They continue to offer a variety of castings such as teaware or flower vases with the latest design, technology and inherited.

Nousaku tinware is crafted one by one by artisans. This is the artwork as well as the Japanese traditional craft, which fully make use of the characteristics of tin.

How to care for tinware

How to care for tinware

Tinware made of 100% tin is softer than other metals. Be careful not to give a strong shock or pressure. When washing, please don't use a scrub brush but a soft sponge with neutral kitchen detergent.

The glossy surface may come to dull over time. You can enjoy its tone too, however, if you want to see the shine again, polish it with baking soda. Besides, if you leave a strong acidity like vinegar, dressing or fruit in the tinware for long hours, it may change the color. Wash the tinware once you use it.

Don't put tinware in the dishwasher, the microwave or the oven.

Low temperature can also alter tinware. Avoid storing it in the fridge for long hours.

*Some tinware uses gold leaf on the surface. It may flake off by water. Don't leave the liquid in the tinware for long.

Give tinware to your important person

Give tinware to your important person

Elegant and gorgeous tinware is perfect as a gift. Nothing is better than them as a gift for a tin wedding (the 10th marriage anniversary), a silver wedding (the 25th) and a gold wedding (the 50th) or also a wedding favor. 

Tin increases texture over time, which is the great lucky charm that represents the future relationship with your important person. You want to express all your gratitude to them and build a deeper relationship like tin deepens the texture, don't you? Then, have a look and give your loved one pure tinware produced by Nousaku to convey your feelings!

Tin increases texture over time, which is the great lucky charm that represents the future relationship with your important person

The products we used: