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Welcoming the Japanese Springtime Spirit

The products we used:

The hiracle Sakura Porcelain Collection

hiracle Sakura collection

One of the most beautiful times of the year in Japan is springtime when the cherry blossoms are blooming. The simple, momentary beauty of millions of small flower petals blowing in the warm spring breeze is strangely hypnotic. Across Japan, people young and old walk on white-pink carpets of cherry blossom petals as they enter a new chapter of their lives.

The fine makers of porcelain at Agedesign produce a line of Sakura-themed tableware that brings the magical beauty of Japanese spring to the dinner table. But, how do you use all of the little dishes? Keep reading to learn more.

For Japanese Sauces

hiracle Sakura plates

In Japanese cooking, small amounts of dipping sauces and spices are used for a variety of different foods. Springtime foods, like bamboo shoots, tempura, and sansai are dipped in soy sauce or dashi. Of course, sushi is dipped in soy sauce, and its a year-round staple. Everybody has their favorite sauces or spices they use for yakiniku.

Choose which size plate to use depending on the amount of sauce or spice you expect to need.

As Chopstick Rests

hiracle Sakura chopstick rests hiracle Sakura plates with sauces and used as chopstick rests.

Among the hiracle Sakura line-up are some special chopstick rests. A single typical chopstick rest is set at each seat at the table in Japan, but in the case of these cute little rests, if you group them together, you can form a beautiful decorative cherry blossom.

Of course, the small cherry blossom plates above can be used as chopstick rests, too, thanks to their convenient shape.

For Small Portions of Food

hiracle Sakura plate and renge spoon. hiracle Sakura plates with sauces and renge spoons with tofu.

In Western cuisine, we typically have one giant dinner plate. It's so normal that "dinner plate" is used as a casual unit of measure.

In Japan, typically meals are served on a series of smaller plates and bowls, specialized for each food. The renge spoon, for example, is often used to eat soups, but is large enough that it can fit a small side-dish of food, such a bit of tofu as pictured, or a small dessert of yokan.

The Springtime of Your Youth is But One Small Online Order Away

hiracle Sakura collection

For lovers of Japanese food and culture, the hiracle Sakura porcelain collection--coincidentally available right here on Globalkitchen Japan--is the perfect set of Japanese tableware to enjoy the springtime of your youth with your friends or family.

The products we used: