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A Magical Spoon Makes Ice Cream Taste Even Better

Ice cream is one of popular sweets all over the world either for dessert or snack.

Have you ever had difficulty with eating hard ice cream kept in a freezer for a long time or scooping ice cream from the cup?

The aluminum spoon we are going to show you can solve those difficulties.

We tested functionality of the spoon by using it for very hard ice cream kept in a freezer for a long time.

Advantages of the Aluminum Spoon

Advantages of the Aluminum Spoon

Smooth Scooping

It’s tough to scoop hard ice cream, and basically you have to wait until it starts melting and becomes softer. However, this aluminum spoon can scoop it right away.

This is because of excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum.

Aluminum has higher thermal conductivity than other metals so the heat in the hand will be conducted to the spoon and melt ice cream, making scooping smooth.

However, does it really work for this extremely hard ice cream prepared for this testing?

Intended Shape for Easy Scooping

Like teaspoons, ordinary spoons cannot scoop the last bite at the very bottom of the cup. On the other hand, the shape of this aluminum spoon is optimized and designed with special care fro easy scooping. The tip is flattened and thin, letting you enjoy the last bite with no stress.

Rich Color Variety

This aluminum spoon has 6 color lineup. You can choose the color depending on your mood or preference. Choosing it with you kids or family would be more fun.

Demonstration of the Functionality


Now, we are demonstrating its functionality!

As you can see, the ice cream is covered with frost and super hard. Obviously, no ordinary spoon can go into the ice cream, but...

It can scoop even hard ice cream easily.

This aluminum spoon can! It smoothly goes into the ice cream and scoops it.

Well-intended thickness to promote thermal conductivity。

In fact, thickness of the spoon is also elaborately devised. This spoon is a must for ice cream lovers especially in the summer!

It's even user friendly for kids

This aluminum spoon is also good for infants who are still practicing how to use spoons. Let your kids enjoy spoon training and enjoy yourself, too!