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Elegant Kutani Ware with Beautiful Clear Tint and Solemn Atmosphere

Sakura is one of representative symbols of Japan.

Sakura is a national flower in Japan, representing the sign of spring, start of life, dawn, or hopes. The concept of Sakura has been used in various paintings, poems, etc. and loved by Japanese citizens. Even in modern era, cherry-blossom viewing (Hanami) is a traditional event of spring nationwide.

Today we would like to introduce tableware with Sakura motifs.

Sakura Porcelain Baked in a Long-Established Kiln

Craftwork with Sakura motifs that brings the sign of spring.

Seikou Co.,Ltd. is a representative manufacturer of Kutani Ware, which has 360 years history. With a long-established kiln called "Seikougama", they have been making a lot of works merged with modern values. Their works are loved by many people. The small company is located in Ishikawa Prefecture. They manage all manufacturing processes from development of paints to printing by themselves. Ever since their establishment in 1900s, they have been reproducing elegant, colorful and historical Kutani Ware with modern technology. They became a corporation in 1984 and succeeded in developing of lead-free paint in 2005.

Among their works, the porcelain with Sakura motifs are the best to bring the sign of spring. While they are bright and colorful, they also have elegance and solemn atmosphere to enrich your table. There are rice bowls, teacups, plates, etc. with Sakura motifs. You will be impressed with their clear but deep tint.

Sakura motif Kutani Ware are good for gifts!

Sakura motif Kutani Ware are good for gifts!

Beautiful tableware will boost your mood. They enrich your happy meal times as well as make you more relaxed with luxury feeling.

Also, Sakura is a symbol that represents Japanese dignity, and its flower language is “Beauty of Spirits” and “Purity and Innocence”. Sakura porcelain is good for daily use as well as for gifts to your beloved people.

Seikou products have the spirit of craftworks, in which Japanese traditional pictures are described in Kokutani Technique. Those who are interested in Japanese traditional art and culture would love them!

Feel Japanese spirits with Japanese style tableware!

The crossover of the Japanese symbolic flower, Sakura and Japanese traditional craftwork, Kutani Ware represents the Japanese crafting souls.

Other than Sakura, Seikou use various kinds of flowers as a motif in every season. The product lineup includes teacups, small plates, rice bowls, Kutani Ware coasters, soy sauce dispensers, etc. Let’s check them out!