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Good Chefs Know the Value of Noda Horo Containers

Cooking and storing food are daily routine for mostly everyone, either professional chefs or ordinary people. Especially storing food is one of common practices in our life although we are hardly aware of it, and containers are essential to preserve food.

Today we would like to show you “fire safe enamel containers” manufactured by Noda Horo. Their products are well-known for good quality, user-friendliness and design and loved by cooking enthusiasts.

What is Distinctive in Noda Horo Containers?

What is Distinctive in Noda Horo Containers?

As you know there are enamel pots or kettles, enamel kitchenware is fire safe. Noda Horo containers can be used not only for food storage but also cooking itself. This would be very convenient for those who cook every day.

In addition, smart design and rich lineups is another reason for their popularity. The simple design always matches anyone, anything and anywhere.

Noda Horo has been manufacturing enamel kitchenware since the establishment and succeeded as one of leading enamel product makers. Their products are made by hand in each process from molding to finishing to pursue top quality.

Having Noda Horo products in your kitchen will certainly make you feel good. They have such authenticity to fascinate us.

What is “Horo”?

What is “Horo”?

Horo is enamel (vitreous) coating that is applied on metals such as aluminum and iron. Horo containers are durable, rust-proof, clean and convenient. Also, they are heat resistant enough, even oven safe as well as have excellent heat conductivity, heat retention and coolability.

It would be nice to make marinated or pickled vegetables in the containers and put them straight in a refrigerator. The containers are also ideal for preserving butter because of their smell proofness. The more advantages of Horo containers you know, the more possibilities you’ll find about how to use them.

※Since the surface of Horo containers are made of glasses and fragile, please be careful not to fall or give strong impact.