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How to use the iron Takoyaki cooker

Iron Takoyaki pan needs some attentions before first use and after use.

We explain how to use iron Takoyaki pan, including how to care and store it.

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The first care before use

Firstly, we explain the necessary care for your first use and before making Takoyaki.

Empty quenching (hardening)

Heat it until white smoke rises to burn off the rust preventive applied to the surface.

Before using an iron Takoyaki pan for the first time, wash it well using a scrubbing brush, and heat it thoroughly on the stove before baking.

Burn off any rust inhibitors, etc. applied to the surface by heating it until white smoke appears.

Also, please heat the Takoyaki pan before each use. By heating well, not only it does make it easier for the oil to blend in, but also it stabilizes the temperature of the Takoyaki pan and prevents the dough from sticking to the pan.

Before using, heat the Takoyaki pan to a high temperature that makes white smoke, then remove it from stove and lower the temperature to a certain level before adding oil. If the Takoyaki pan is used at a too high temperature, the oil may fly out or the ingmay get burnt.

Oil Leveling/ Oil Return

Once the takoyaki cooker is thoroughly heated on the stove, pour a plenty amount of salad oil over the entire takoyaki cooker to coat it with oil.

Once the Takoyaki pan is thoroughly heated on the stove, pour plenty amount of salad oil over the Takoyaki pan to coat it with oil.

Oil coating on the surface of the Takoyaki pan prevents the dough from sticking on the pan easily.

If possible,  we recommend to cook scraps of vegetables on the Takoyaki pan. The polyphenols in the vegetables will help prevent the dough from sticking to the Takoyaki pan as well.

Before making Takoyaki, pour enough oil onto the Takoyaki pan and heat it in the same way each time, allowing the oil to blend well entirely. This process is called "oil return". This is also necessary to keep the Takoyaki pan in good condition.

Care after use

In this section, we explain how to care the Takoyaki pan after using.


After using the takoyaki cooker, wash it thoroughly under running or lukewarm water to remove dirt.

After using the Takoyaki pan, wash it thoroughly with running lukewarm water to remove any dirt.

After washing, heat it on the stove to thoroughly drain off the water.

When cleaning, use a sponge or scrubbing brush, and do not use a metal scrubber.  If you use any metal scrubbers, it will cause numerous fine scratches on the surface of the Takoyaki pan and it can get easily rust.

Also, please be careful not to use detergent when cleaning. If you wash with detergent, it will remove from the surface that has been created by the oil coating and oil return process.

How to store

When storing it, dry them thoroughly, apply a thin layer of oil, and wrap them in newspaper or other paper.

When storing, dry it thoroughly and apply a thin layer of oil, and wrap them in newspaper or other paper.

Iron products are susceptible to rusting due to moisture and humidity, so please make sure to keep it drained well. In addition, wrapping them in newspaper protects them from moisture and prevents rust from forming.

It is also important to thoroughly clean and remove any stains as they can cause mold and other problems.

Removing rust

Once the takoyaki cooker got rusted, wash the rusted area with water using a scrubbing brush.

Once the Takoyaki pan got rusted, wash the rusted area with water using a scrubbing brush.

Please scrub with a scrubbing brush to remove some of the rust, and then place over medium-high heat to dry out the water, which will make the rust less noticeable.

As mentioned before, please be careful not to scrub the surface of the Takoyaki pan with a metal scrubber or sandpaper to remove rust, as this will damage the surface and make it even more susceptible to rusting.

Even if some rust remains, it is not a problem in terms of food hygiene and is not harmful to our health even if it was taken in human body.

Iron Takoyaki pan can be used through your life

Iron products rust relatively easily compared to other metals, but on the other hand, it is strong and durable and it has a great advantage of almost a lifetime of use when we care properly for that.

Also, Takoyaki cooked on the iron Takoyaki pan has a savory delicious flavor which not found in Takoyaki cooked on a Teflon Takoyaki cooker.

Take care of its maintenance properly and enjoy using Iron Takoyaki pan for many years to come.

The product we used: