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Let's Enjoy Valentine's Day in Japanese Style with a Gift of Chocolates!

Valentine's Day is a day when people send gifts and their gratitude to their beloved ones. This custom originates from the religion of Christianity. However, Japan has its own custom for Valentine's Day.

Today we are going to tell you about “Japanese style Valentine's Day”.

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Chocolate is a must for Valentine's Day in Japan.

In Japan, chocolate is a must for Valentine's Day.

It is common that girls give chocolates to the boy who they like or have good feelings for in order to show their affection. Also, it is getting more and more common with the times that people just send gifts to friends or family instead. However, girls giving chocolates to boys is a kind of established style.

In fact, it started in 1958 for sales promotion of a chocolate company. The major chocolate company sold heart-shaped chocolates at that time.

Because of persistent efforts for sales promotion of chocolate companies, the custom of giving chocolates on Valentine's Day was gradually recognized and now it’s become a standard.

Valentine's Day is a special day you can show your feelings to the person you like.

In Japan, it is a custom that girls give chocolates to boys.

As it is a custom in Japan that girls give chocolates to boys, girls give chocolate not only to the boy they like or love but also to just a colleague, boss, etc. These chocolates are so-called “Obligatory chocolates” and giving them is a way of communication.

However, Valentine's Day is yet a good opportunity or exciting event to express your feelings to show the affection by giving chocolates with a letter or heartwarming words.

Some girls even give handmade chocolates. Would you like to enjoy the upcoming Valentine's Day in Japanese style? To handmake chocolates, the following molds are recommended.

The product we used: