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Make your favorite sushi rolls with long-lasting freshness!

Japanese food is now a big trend all over the world. Today, so many Japanese restaurants keep being opened in various countries. I'd say the most famous and popular cuisine is especially sushi.

By the way, do you know there are some types for sushi? Original sushi is actually called nigiri, which has fish or shellfish on a fistful of vinegared rice. The other famous sushi is roll and I guess you would see a lot more kinds of this in Japanese restaurants. Sushi roll wraps fillings with vinegared rice and seaweed as you may know. You can even see this sushi in convenience stores in Japan. It can be easily eaten with one hand and has a lot of variations so it's very common and popular.

In this blog, I'd like to introduce a great film that allows you to easily make sushi roll sold in convenience stores. You want a recipe? No, you don't need it. All you have to do is to put whatever you like and enjoy. You can of course use this film at your shop but if you serve these rolls at the home party, participants would be absolutely amazed!

What is Sushi Roll Wrapper?

What is Sushi Roll Wrapper?

At sushi restaurants, we normally eat rolls right after chefs roll them. This is because seaweed absorbs damp from rice and gets soft over time if you kept it for a while. Therefore, some chefs even scorch seaweed before they roll to prevent it from getting damp too much so the texture can be kept for longer.

On the other hand, sushi roll wrapper can solve this issue easily. This film keeps rice and seaweed apart so can keep seaweed from getting damp. With this idea, sushi rolls can stay fresh and tasty even though they are premade and set on the table, for example, during the party.

It is also fun to make them by yourself. You will like its neat and refined appearance which is commonly sold in a same way in Japanese convenience stores. One sushi roll needs one piece of wrapper so you can make 100 rolls with a pack of 100 pieces.

How to make sushi roll with Sushi Roll Wrapper



You can choose whatever fillings you like. In this blog, I put natto, fermented soybeans, which is one of the most common fillings for us. Chop up natto and shiso leaves together. You can add soy sauce or salt to season as you like.

Rice is normally supposed to be vinegared but plain rice works fine as well. Once you prepared rice and fillings, it's all set.

1. Cut seaweed into the size of the film

Cut seaweed into the size of the film

2. Put seaweed into the film

Put seaweed into the film

When you put seaweed into the film, place the film to have this red slit face up.

3. Spread rice on cling wrap

Spread rice on cling wrap

Usually, sushi mat is used to roll sushi but I would like to use cling wrap this time. Spread rice on the wrap evenly. Please be careful that you don't spread rice wider than the red slit. 

4. Place filling on rice

Place filling on rice

Set filling in line on the lower side of rice.

5. Wrap it with cling film

Wrap it with cling film

Roll it up from the bottom.

6. Arrange the shape

Arrange the shape

Arrange the shape to make the neat circular cylinder. If you put too much muscle into rolling, rice gets too dense and texture gets tougher so try to roll it gently as you put some air into rice.

7. Place rice on Sushi Roll Wrapper

Place rice on Sushi Roll Wrapper

Take rice out from cling film and place it on the sushi roll wrapper you prepared at step 2.

8. Roll up with the wrapper

Roll up with the wrapper

Roll it up with sushi roll wrapper and tape the edge in place at last to complete.

How to make sushi roll

Here is the best part of everything… let’s eat it!

1. Open the film

 Open the film

Peel off the tape to open the film.

2. Cut the film on slit

Cut the film on slit

Cut the film along the red slit by hand.

3. Place the rice onto seaweed

Place the rice onto seaweed

Roll the rice towards the part of seaweed which is exposed after cutting the film.

4. Wrap the rice with seaweed

Wrap the rice with seaweed

Pull the seaweed out from the film and wrap the rice completely with it.

Enjoy fresh rolls any time with Sushi Roll Wrapper

Enjoy fresh rolls any time with Sushi Roll Wrapper

As I wrote at the beginning of this blog, sushi rolls are supposed to be eaten right after they are made. However, excellence of this sushi roll wrapper is that you can enjoy fresh sushi rolls whenever you want. It can be a great option for party or lunch.

However, this wrapper doesn't have the side cover so put them into the bag or wrap in cling film to prevent rice or filling from spilling out if you travel with them.

With this sushi roll wrapper, enjoy sushi party with your family and friends or have a lovely lunch break at work!