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"Mukimono" - Creative and Artistic Decorative Cutting in Japanese Cuisine

How would you enjoy meals? We would enjoy meals by tasting (in mouth), smelling (with nose) and watching (with eyes). This way to optimize meals through 5 senses is adored especially in France, but it’s true of Japan, too.

This time we would like to show you “Kazarigiri (decorative cutting)” that represents chef’s fine techniques and creative senses.

What is Kazarigiri?

Kazarigiri is decorative cutting to shape vegetables or make patterns.

Kazarigiri is decorative cutting to shape vegetables or make patterns.

An example using cucumbers

They are Kazarigiri using cucumbers. There are a rich variety for cucumbers alone, even more varieties for other vegetables and fruits

Kazarigiri is fun and beautiful, and will enrich the dishes with their unique shapes and colors. If you learn the technique of Kazarigiri, your cooking might look totally different.

“Mukimono Knife” - A Knife for Decorative Cutting

Mukimono knife is ideal for Kazarigiri that requires delicate motions.

In fact, not all Kazarigiri need high techniques. It is more important than techniques which knife you use.

There is a good knife for Kazarigiri that requires delicate motions. That is “Mukimono knife”.

Mukimono knife is a Japanese-style knife, especially devised for preparation of vegetables. Not only for peeling white Japanese radish, it’s also good for engraving, slicing, etc. By using such tools and high techniques, Japanese chefs make up their own dishes like art.

Features of Mukimono Knife

Mikimono knife is an essential tool for Japanese chefs.

It features a sharp blade. It cuts vegetables in sharp angles without breaking their cells. Its sharpness can provide beautiful cutting sections. However, as it has a thin blade, you should be careful when cutting pumpkins or hard vegetables.

Mukimono knife is an essential tool for Japanese chefs.

Why don’t you get one for you to experience Japanese food culture?