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Suitable for the gift! Use Furoshiki to make the shape of a rose flower for wrapping your gift.

Let us introduce how to wrap your gift like a rose by using Furoshiki.

The product we used:

How to use Furoshiki

Furoshiki is very useful and multipurpose cloth. For example, it can be used as elegant wrapping materials, an eco shopping bag, a shoulder bag, a scarf, a tablecloth, a plastic bottle holder, and a cover for a box of tissues. Also, you can fold Furoshiki as a compact cloth after use.

We will show you how to wrap your gift in the likeness of a rose flower using Furoshiki.

How to wrap your gift in the likeness of rose

Here is a procedure for you.

1. Put the gift on the Furoshiki


Spread the Furoshiki and put the gift in the center of the cloth.

2. Put together corners of the Furoshiki


Put together three out of four corners of the Furoshiki as shown in the picture.

3. Tie corners of the Furoshiki


Hold a remaining corner and wrap it around the base of a bundle of three corners. One round will be enough, but you can wrap it around several times if there is plenty of the length.

4. Fasten the bundle


Insert the end of a corner into the bundle of three corners.

5. Make the shape of a rose flower


Roll downward one out of three corners, which becomes a rose flower. The rest of the two corners are rose leaves.

6. Fix a rose flower


Turn a rose vertically after rolling it to the end and fix it by inserting into the bundle.

7. Adjust


Spread the petal and turn the leaves straight up.

8. Finish


Your gift wrapped with an elegant rose flower made of Furoshiki is ready.

Make your gift sophisticated by Furoshiki

You can arrange various ways to wrap your gift with Furoshiki, like a rose flower in this article. We recommend Furoshiki, especially as a wrapping material so that you can enjoy your creativity and originality, not only ways to wrap your gift but also choice of the pattern you like. So, please try to make your own unique gift wrapping by using Furoshiki.

The product we used: