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The ideal breakfast made on ceramic mesh.

Crisp and fluffy!

Nothing can be better than these textures when you eat fresh toast. The flavor and fragrance of grilled wheat matches with anything like classic butter or sunny-side up egg and lettuce with salt and pepper... mayonnaise is also a good option.

However, the most important process is grilling toast just right. How do you achieve this ideal textures, "crisp and fluffy"?

Far-infrared grill changes your morning

Marujyu Ceramic Far-Infrared Barbecue Grill Mesh (2)

Simple visual and reasonable price... This ceramic mesh is the magical item that allows you to grill ideal toast, fragrant vegetables, juicy fish and meat. How come this can make them all true?

It is quite easy to use the ceramic grill mesh. Set it on the gas stove and preheat for a while, then all you have to do is just putting what you want to grill! Ceramic emits strong far-infrared radiation by getting heated up.

Far-infrared radiation is the great chef to cook the best stuff. Food on top of the mesh can be cooked evenly anytime and anywhere as it's done with radiation heat which doesn't get affected by wind or air current. You can take advantage of it, of course, at the kitchen and also camping or barbecue. Additionally, the beautiful mesh pattern should also please you. Nobody wouldn't be able to reject this perfect breakfast with the rich flavor as if made in the brick oven.

Choose from 2 sizes for your purpose

Marujyu Ceramic Far-Infrared Barbecue Grill Mesh (3)

For those who want to enjoy easy cooking at a camp, handy smaller size (150mm×150mm) works well. If you want to use it for daily cooking at home, the bigger size (220mm×220mm) is convenient and recommended. 

Smaller size is certainly more than enough to grill toast. However, you can also grill sausages and vegetables beside toast with bigger size. Choose the size based on your purpose!

*When it's used on the portable gas stove, heat from ceramic makes the gas cylinder hot and it can cause the explosion accident. In case you want to use it on the portable stove, please choose the gas cylinder discrete type such as the burner.

How to maintain the ceramic mesh

Marujyu Ceramic Far-Infrared Barbecue Grill Mesh (4)

The ceramic mesh is simply designed so it is not only easy to clean but also easy to store. It will be the fancy interior to change your kitchen scenery when it's set against the wall beside the stove.

After use, you can just wait for the mesh to get cooler and wash it with cold/hot water. There's no special care needed. Easy cleaning should make your cooking life happier.

It's worth noting that ceramic is vulnerable to the impact so please use it carefully not to drop or stub on something hard. Furthermore, this ceramic grill mesh is only for open fire. It cannot be used on the induction or electric cookers.

Let's make every morning special

Marujyu Ceramic Far-Infrared Barbecue Grill Mesh (5)

Even if you were crazy busy at work or had bad argument with someone you love, next morning is always coming and so is breakfast time. Should you not have enough time to enjoy breakfast during weekday, you might want to have a bit later and fancier brunch. You eat every day no matter where you are or how you live. Therefore, we would like you to enjoy that.

This ceramic grill mesh can make your daily meal special with far-infrared radiation same like the brick oven or charcoal fire. On top of that, quality meal gives you energy to get through busy days and make people around you happy. Why don't you try out this ceramic mesh to enjoy richer meal?