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Professional tools can be used at home. ― Ideal Kitchen Scissors.

In cooking, kitchen scissors might be essential. We can find them to be an excellent cooking assistant for opening food packages or cutting trashes for disposal.

However, you should make a careful choice when you get ones; otherwise you will suffer from difficult maintenance, unsanitary condition or quick deterioration of blade. We should choose good ones for long term use as they are an important kitchen tool.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Scissors

Professional tools can be used at home. ― Ideal Kitchen Scissors.

We would like to mention 3 main points.


For professional chefs, hygiene is one of the biggest concerns. Since kitchen scissors are likely to get tiny dust or dart in the small ditches, the ones that can be dissembled for washing are highly recommended.


Sharpness is of course important. The price is basically proportional to blade sharpness, easiness of maintenance and durability. Even stainless steel scissors can get rust or blade crack if they are too cheap.


Design Unexpectedly design is rather important to boost your motivation for cooking. With well-designed sophisticated cooking tools, cooking will be more fun, and dishes will be more delicious. It would be good to use nice stylish cooking tools.

In terms of the 3 important points above, we would like to show you 2 kitchen scissors: Toribe seisakusho Kitchen Scissors and Tojiro FK-843.

How to Use

Professional tools can be used at home. ― Ideal Kitchen Scissors.

These scissors can be dissembled when you open the scissors widely and can be washed thoroughly. Not only rust proofness of stainless steel, they but also have excellent sharpness since they are made by leading blade manufactures.

Professional tools can be used at home. ― Ideal Kitchen Scissors.

Besides, their designs are remarkable. Toribe seisakusho Kitchen Scissors are stylish, and Tojiro FK-843 is simple and matches any scene or occasion.

They are not only loved by professionals but also used as a convenient and useful tool at home. Why don’t you try and find your lifetime cooking partner?