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A Convenient and Stylish Item, “BREAD & FRUIT CUTTING BOARD”

How many people in this world eat bread, ham cheese or fruit for breakfast? The combination of bread and fruit would be ideal for breakfast. Recently simple breakfast is drawing more and more attention as people are more interested in health and beauty.

Today we are going to show you a Scandinavian style cutting board. With this convenient reversible cutting board, you can cut either bread or fruit. It will add elegance to your breakfast.


Distinctiveness from ordinary cutting boards

One of the differences from ordinary cutting boards is slits. BREAD & FRUIT CUTTING BOARD has slits on the side for cutting bread. These slits prevent scattering of bread crumbs. Also, hygienic control would be easier as this board is made of acacia wood, which is hard and glazed. Made of natural wood, each of them has its own individuality. This will even enrich your breakfast time.

Acacia wooden cutting boards would look better over time and grow into your one and only kitchen tool as you get more attached to them.

You can cut bread boldly without being afraid to give damage to the cutting board. As its charm grows over time, even just bread and fruit would look better on it.

Function of Slits

Slits prevent scattering of bread crumbs.

Have you ever got frustrated with bread crumb scattering when cutting bread or stressed with cleaning them? BREAD & FRUIT CUTTING BOARD has slits which catch bread crumbs and make cleaning easy.

It can be a good idea to save this bread crumbs every morning and use them for another cooking.


Cutting Boards of KEVNHAUN D STYLE

KEVNHAUN D STYLE is a kitchenware brand from Denmark and is said to be the roots of Scandinavian design. Its simple and sophisticated design and functionality are loved worldwide, especially those who would love to enjoy talk and mood during meals.

Why don’t you enjoy your breakfast in simple but sophisticated Scandinavian style and culture?