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Discover the Cookware Accessories collection at Globalkitchen Japan. An otoshibuta, also known as a drop lid, is a traditional Japanese cooking tool used in simmering, stewing, and braising dishes. This simple yet effective utensil is typically made of wood or, more commonly seen in modern times, a flat, round piece of metal or heat-resistant material that matches the diameter of the pot. Steamers work by heating water to produce steam, which circulates around the food, gently and evenly cooking it. The steam retains the food's natural moisture, preserving nutrients and enhancing flavors without the need for additional oils or fats.
EBM Cedar Steamer from ¥ 800 JPY
MARNA Otoshibuta Drop Lid from ¥ 1,073 JPY
EBM Bamboo Steamer from ¥ 800 JPY
Sori Yanagi Replacement Lid from ¥ 780 JPY ¥ 1,200 JPY
EBM Gyoza Pan Wooden Lid from ¥ 2,600 JPY
EBM Wooden Lid from ¥ 560 JPY
EBM Stainless Steel Steamer from ¥ 580 JPY ¥ 960 JPY
EBM Pinewood Steamer from ¥ 5,500 JPY