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The most famous knife maker “Sekimagoroku”

Knife manufacturing craft has been developed since the Samurai period, and we can even see it adopted in modern manufacturing of knives and kitchen tools.

Japan has a lot of places that are famous for knife manufacturing such as Tsubamesanjo in Neiigata Prefecture, Sakai in Osaka Prefecture, and Seki in Mie Prefecture. “Sekimagoroku” is one of the most well-known and remarkable brands especially when you google Japanese knives or go to hardware stores.

Sekimagoroku is a traditional brand with a long history since late 1500s. It provides rich lineups that are user-friendly with reasonable price and good quality.

“Santoku” Knives for Multi Purposes

There are several types of knife, and each type is basically directed for particular use. For instance, petit knives are for peeling fruits, “Deba” knives are for cutting fish, and “Yanagiba” knives are for slicing fish into sashimi. However, not many people have all of those. So, it would be great if you have one that can be used for multi purposes, that is, “Santoku” knife.

“Santoku” knives are also called “Bunka” knives. They are similar to “Gyuto” knives in shape. Gyoto knives were invented in the West while Santoku knives were invented in Japan in 1950s by combining advantages of Western knives and Japanese knives. Now Santoku knives are widely used at restaurants or homes.

Sekimagoroku Santoku Knives

Sekimagoroku Santoku Knives

Today we would like to show you Sekimagoroku Santoku Knife 10000CL AE-5254. It's 165 mm blade is appropriate for various use.

Made of steel containing cobalt, it’s tough and highly resistant to friction and deterioration. It provides high quality with low price because of cost-saving special technology to join multiple different materials. Also, its integrated handle and blade increases hygienic effects and provides a stylish impression.

The historical sword manufacturing technique since over 500 years ago has created such a wonderful knife with a good sharpness, user-friendliness, price, design, and performance.

It's the best knife for those who are looking for one for multi purposes.

You should try it firsthand!