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What is "White Day", a Japan-specific custom?

In Japan, there is a unique and special event on March 14, which is called "White Day".

On this day, many people who were gifted on Valentine’s Day give back various gifts after due consideration.

Here, we introduce Japan's unique habit called "White Day".

What is "White Day"?

"White Day" is the day when those who got a gift on Valentine's Day give back a gift in return.

Originally, there was a custom in Japan to give a gift to those who like on Valentine's Day. And it is very common to confess their thoughts and describe their feelings by attaching a letter with the gift.

But it is not only to those who you like but also to their close classmates and colleagues, whichever you like them or not and, in many cases, they give chocolates just to show their favor to them. This is generally called “obligatory chocolates”.

Manner on White Day

There is no special manner for White Day but there is a minimum rule there.

For example, if you really like that person, it would be best to attach the words of love together with the gift showing your thoughts in your heart, if you were given a chocolate by that person on Valentine’s Day with a good favor. By doing this, a new couple is born!

However, if it is not your intention to respond favorably, you need not to give back any gift or just choose an ordinary gift together with your message that you are not interested in it.

If it is an “obligatory” chocolate, it is very common that you do not need to care about it so much and just give back the item of the equivalent value. For example, if you were given chocolate, you just give back cookies.

Origin of White Day

It is a Japan-specific custom to give chocolates to those who you like on Valentine’s Day. It is said that one of the department stores in Tokyo started an advertisement “Let's give chocolates on Valentine’s Day”.

Just like “White Day”, it is said that confectionery manufacturers all over Japan started the similar campaign to give back marshmallows and cookies, if you got chocolates.

This unique custom born from the Japanese commercial strategy now spreads in the Asian countries such as Taiwan and Korea.

Let's put your thoughts and feelings into a special gift together with a special wrapping.

Let's put your thoughts and feelings into a special gift together with a special wrapping.

There are such unique customs in Japan which are different from the western countries such as Valentine’s Day and White Day, but it is the same to show your thanks with a gift full of your thoughts.

How about giving the Japanese-style gifts to your loved ones on White Day this year, following the Japanese style?

Even if it is a simple gift, it changes to be a fashionable one after being wrapped with furoshiki.

Let’s put your thoughts into the special gift together with a special wrapping.