Sawara Cypress Hangiri Wooden Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl


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Product Information

  • Brand:EBM
  • Model:24 cm / 27 cm / 30 cm / 33 cm / 36 cm / 39 cm / 42 cm
  • Material:Body: Natural wood (Sawara cypress), Bands: Copper
  • Product type:Mixing Bowls
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • 24 cm Hangiri:Dimensions (approx): Outer diameter: 240 mm, Inner diameter: 220 mm, Height: 80 mm, Item weight (approx): 520 g, Shipping weight (approx): 700 g, Capacity: 2-Cup (Go) rice.
  • 27 cm Hangiri:Dimensions (approx): Outer diameter: 270 mm, Inner diameter: 250 mm, Height: 65 mm, Item weight (approx): 530 g, Shipping weight (approx): 1000 g, Capacity: 2.5-Cup (Go) rice.
  • 30 cm Hangiri:Dimensions (approx): Outer diameter: 300 mm, Inner diameter: 285 mm, Height: 70 mm, Item weight (approx): 690 g, Shipping weight (approx): 1100 g, Capacity: 3.5-Cup (Go) rice.
  • 33 cm Hangiri:Dimensions (approx): Outer diameter: 330 mm, Inner diameter: 305 mm, Height: 70 mm, Item weight (approx): 800 g, Shipping weight (approx): 1200 g, Capacity: 5-Cup (Go) rice.
  • 36 cm Hangiri:Dimensions (approx): Outer diameter: 360 mm, Inner diameter: 310 mm, Height: 70 mm, Item weight (approx): 950 g, Shipping weight (approx): 1800 g, Capacity: 7-Cup (Go) rice.
  • 39 cm Hangiri:Dimensions (approx): Outer diameter: 390 mm, Inner diameter: 335 mm, Height: 80 mm, Item weight (approx): 1110 g, Shipping weight (approx): 2000 g, Capacity: 10-Cup (Go) rice.
  • 42 cm Hangiri:Dimensions (approx): Outer diameter: 420 mm, Inner diameter: 380 mm, Height: 80 mm, Item weight (approx): 1350 g, Shipping weight (approx): 2200 g, Capacity: 15-Cup (Go) rice.

Key Features

  • Available in 24 cm, 27 cm, 30 cm, 33 cm, 36 cm, 39 cm and 42 cm.
  • High-grade Hangiri is made of Japanese Sawara cypress which is durable and proof against water.
  • The natural wooden bowl also serves to absorb excess moisture from the cooked rice while the large mixing surface allows the hot rice to cool rapidly.

Before the First Use

  • To reduce the pine tar and bitterness of wood, fill the wooden bowl with hot water. Add 180ml of vinegar into the water and leave until it gets cold (2-3 hours).
  • Wash the bowl in water. The bowl should be dried promptly with a soft tea towel after washing.

Before Every Use

  • Wet the inside of the bowl and dry lightly with a soft tea towel (or wipe the inside of the bowl with a damp cloth to moisten it slightly).
  • By doing so, it prevents discoloration of the bowl and also prevents the transfer of smells from the foods.

After Use & Care

  • Fill the Hangiri with water straight away and clean with a soft brush to remove the rice and any residue left on the bowl.
  • Wash the bowl in water/soapy water.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or bleaching agents.
  • The bowl should be dried promptly with a soft tea towel after washing.
  • Store in a dry area away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Do not soak for a long time, otherwise it would cause the mould growth.
  • If the wooden bowl appears disColored, use lemon juice solution to brighten the Color.
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    Gina M.
    United States United States
    It is lovely

    I bought the 42cm based on the advice from Hiroko Shimbo on a Youtube video. Very glad I didn't go any smaller for home use. It is very well made with tight seams. The smell of the wood is really nice. I've made sushi rice in it once already and look forward to using it for a long long time,

    Laszlo K.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Great quality

    This is hangiri is beautifully made from quality materials. The delivery was as fast and accurate as it could be. Special thanks for the kind greeting card. Laszlo

    Tony D.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Beatiful object

    Good, clear instructions for use I have collected the items for making sushi and am looking forward to using this lovely bowl I love the charming greetings card enclosed and I'm pleased with the Japanese newspapers wrapping the bowl for transit! Thank you all at Global, Tony

    Indonesia Indonesia

    High quality product and very useful

    larry m.
    United States United States
    Ha girl Sushi Bowl

    I have not had the opportunity to use my bowl.